A Customer Experience Analysis of Insurance Industry Websites: Research by Vox Inc.

2006 – In analysis undertaken in the first half of 2006, Vox Inc. has reviewed homepages from a sample of twelve USA Insurance companies who collectively write a significant portion of the auto insurance in the United States. As homepages have evolved to a relatively standardized design, especially within industry groupings, this was targeted at auto insurance in the online channel.

By reviewing what content is offered and where it is positioned on the page, user expectation tendencies based on industry standards can be revealed. The analysis also looks for what is missing from the user’s perspective.

Although Quote is obviously the main purpose of most sites, insurance providers should not forget the power of the online channel for research. Today, consumers are researching insurance more online than ever before, before shopping in any channel. More consumers are obtaining auto insurance quotes online (68%) than over the phone (55%).

And they are seeking new information at the time of their renewal.

Most of the homepages analyzed so not support this purpose. Consumers are left to hunt for specific, relevant information to support their purchasing choices.

The outcome of the study revealed that most industry leaders are showcasing the Quote function as the centrepiece to their home page. What is interesting is the variance of other elements on the home page. Consumers do not have a standard way to find agents or to access their account information. Insurance seems to be lagging in terms of online standards behind other industries such as banking.

Vox compared 12 insurance industry providers: State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, Geico, American Family, Liberty, 21st Century, and Country Financial, global players AIG and Nationwide, and, as a control group, two companies from related segments, AAA Chicago, and USAA.

The study is available online (34 pages, pdf) at http://www.voxinc.com/customer-experience-articles/MindModelStudy_AutoInsurance_1Q06.pdf

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