CPU Management Software Inc. and CompuOffice Software Inc. reach cooperative agreement for online services

TORONTO, JUNE 27, 2006: CPU Management Software Inc. announced today that it has reached an agreement with CompuOffice Software Inc. where subscribers who also subscribe to the WinQuote system will enjoy seamless integration between CPU Management’s newly released WebX/WinX and WinQuote. Among other benefits, the seamless interaction between CPU Management’s WebX/WinX, provides for automatic, single click transfer of relevant data between WebX/WinX and WinQuote. CPU Management’s WebX/WinX is the first and only MGA and brokerage back office and practice management system having demonstrated the required sophistication and power to integrate with the leading edge WinQuote system.

Among other benefits, the on-line, interactive WinQuote provides:

  • a. The largest number of carriers, the widest range of products and the largest number of products;

  • b. Research, comparisons and quotations for single lives, Joint Lives and Combined Billing Discounts, as well as employing the highly valuable Multi-Life® cost optimizations;

  • c. Initial premiums, along with detailed
    renewal premium detail in all premium payment modes;

  • d. The highest degree of accuracy and reliability;

  • e. Financial calculators;

  • f. Financial Needs Analysis (FNA);

  • g. Retrieve past saved cases;

  • h. Links to industry web portals and information resources;

  • i. New offerings of CompuOffice, including sales concepts, marketing and compliance material.

  • j. Ongoing enhancements in any of the above and the WinQuote Portal in general

CPU Management Software Inc., with over 15 years of experience in the database management systems, is proud to announce its brand new release of the industry leading CPU Tracker Software management tracking systems, including WebX/WinX. WebX/WinX is a brand new product and not an update of earlier versions.

Based on the XML for Life architecture which accommodates direct carrier feeds, WebX/WinX offers new enterprise features and functionality for long term growth. Version 9, WebX and WinX are being released simultaneously. These software products offer the capabilities of being both a complete “Web” on-line and “Desktop” off-line application.

Since privacy and security considerations are a major concern for all professions, Version 9 WebX/WinX provide the all-important flexibility to house the databases on the user’s internal servers, on collocated servers or through remote 3rd party servers. Web “X” offers users and producers instant access through use of standard browsers from anywhere in the world and without installation or setup issues.

Al Blitzstein, President of CPU Management Inc. stated: “CompuOffice Software Inc. has continuously offered the leading Insurance and Financial Software product solutions since the early 1990s. CompuOffice Software Inc. was the obvious choice for us as they have continuously represented the most comprehensive and leading edge development in the industry in terms of independent, multiple-carrier, insurance research, comparison and quotation software. Offering the highest level of support, value and satisfaction, CompuOffice represents to us and to our clients the benchmark of professionalism.” Al Blitzstein added: “Seamless integration of our new WebX/WinX systems with CompuOffice’s WinQuote is instantaneous and is available on our new WebX/WinX web application platform from any browser and from anywhere in the world. The seamless integration eliminates duplication and provides the most efficient method of data entry to substantially improve workflow procedures.

Ami Maishlish, VP – Insurance and Financial Software of CompuOffice Software Inc. said “We have chosen CPU Management’s WebX/WinX for the seamless integration project because we believe that it is a superior MGA and brokerage office back-office and practice management system and because it has the needed power and flexibility to efficiently integrate with WinQuote and its advanced features. While WinQuote screen plug-ins are available for use with all other management systems, CPU Management has proven its capability with respect to seamless and efficient integration.”

About CompuOffice

Founded in 1989 as a partnership and incorporated in 1992, CompuOffice Software Inc. is a leading, established and rapidly growing independent custom and specialty software firm. The firm’s Insurance & Financial Software division produces the most advanced and most comprehensive independent multiple company life insurance research, quotation and information software. Among others, the firm’s insurance and financial software products include the highly regarded and most widely used LifeGuide professional software for Canada, the CompeteUS professional software for the US, as well as well as the QuotesOnTap for use on PDA devices and the web based WinQuote systems. The firm’s Insurance and Financial Software division also produces custom insurance quotation and presentation software for individual insurance companies. The firm’s software experts and software associates bring a wealth of experience, innovation, professionalism and value. Visit http://www.compuoffice.com

About CPU Management Software Inc.

CPU Management Software Inc., based in the London, Ontario area, has been on the front lines of the microcomputer information revolution since 1992 and has received numerous accolades for insurance practice management, record-keeping and reporting software systems. With thousands of users Canada-wide, the firm serves over 4000 insurance advisors, producers and institutions with data and practice management systems and solutions. CPU Management’s mission is to provide the most flexible, powerful, efficient and easy to use practice and data management systems and solutions to insurance professionals and businesses.