Gomez Unveils Gomez Performance Network 6.5 Featuring First Intelligent Diagnostic Capability for Web Performance Problems

Gomez Performance Analyzer saves customers time and money by quickly restoring optimum response time

Lexington, Mass., June 21, 2006 – Leading Internet application performance management company Gomez Inc. today unveiled the Gomez Performance Network (GPN) 6.5, featuring new “Performance Analyzer” technology that provides automated intelligent diagnostics for web applications and web site performance problems. Performance Analyzer provides unparalleled diagnostic insight and for the first time prescribes specific, real-time actions for restoring peak performance in web-deployed environments.

The Gomez Performance Analyzer embeds expert rules and intelligence, built from the experience of analyzing billions of performance tests for the world�s 500 largest brands and web properties. The Gomez Performance Analyzer delivers clear, actionable solutions to complex performance shortfalls. Unlike other solutions that simply offer data, the Gomez Performance Analyzer provides context and specific guidance in both executive summary and technically detailed levels to commonly encountered web performance problems. This dramatically reduces IT costs and enhances operational efficiency by improving mean time to problem identification and resolution. Thus, businesses are able to increase revenue retention and safeguard their online brand reputation.

“The Performance Analyzer is a quantum leap in web performance management,” said Chief Executive Officer Jaime Ellertson. “It is the first step in our strategic plan to infuse performance management with intelligence. Web technologies continue to evolve rapidly, with leading companies embracing new paradigms such as Web 2.0. These new technologies substantially increase the complexity and manageability challenge of maintaining optimal performance. As best practices evolve, Gomez will continuously extend the capabilities of the Performance Analyzer, embedding the collective experience of the Gomez community with new technologies. This will go a long way toward our vision of enabling our customers to continually optimize performance for strategic advantage.”

“The Gomez Performance Analyzer is like having a Ph.D. in Web performance at your side finding needles in technical haystacks and discovering in 30 seconds what would have taken hours or more to solve by reviewing reams of server logs,” said Dr. Arthur Mateos, worldwide product strategist for Gomez. “This essential technology rapidly finds and fixes problems. For many customers, these new capabilities will reveal critical information they weren�t aware they were missing.”

Other new features in GPN 6.5

New Advanced Problem Identification features in GPN 6.5 help customers more quickly identify the cause of web performance problems, not just the symptoms. The GPN�s unique Screen Capture on Error capability � which shows IT and business users exactly which web pages or objects are causing problems � has been enhanced in GPN 6.5 to include more details on the context of the failure. The inclusion of HTTP headers help customers understand browser-server interactions, while Traceroutes on Error enables customers to pinpoint network-related problems.

Gomez continues to enhance the overall manageability of the GPN by providing powerful new tools that especially benefit large enterprises that perform high volumes of testing, configuration and analysis. Customers can now more easily manage thousands of alerts, which can be sent to selected destinations � e.g., teams and departments � rather than individuals. Alerts are now available in HTML for quicker comprehension and coded in XML for integration with event management systems and various devices.

The Gomez Performance Network is an integrated system of electronic agents at Internet backbone locations and end-user computers that continuously monitor uptime and response time of customers� critical web sites and services around the world. Gomez has improved the GPN�s foundation technology itself, upgrading hardware and software, including the Gomez Universal Transaction Agent (UTA), the GPN�s data-collecting transaction monitor. Gomez continues to extend the reach of its network and now includes more than 12,000 individual points of measurement worldwide. For more information on GPN 6.5, visit www.gomez.com/performance_strategies/GPN6_5.html.


All GPN 6.5 enhancements are available immediately to Gomez customers.

About Gomez

Gomez is the leading provider of web application performance management solutions. Utilized by 400 companies worldwide, including 8 of the top 10 most visited sites worldwide, 6 of the top 10 retailers, 8 of the top 15 financial services firms, and 4 of the top 10 industrial companies, Gomez products and services help companies achieve and maintain peak performance of their Internet applications.

Founded in 1997, Gomez provides performance measurement, benchmarking, and competitive insight through 24/7 real-time alerting, problem identification, and web site monitoring from over 12,000 locations worldwide.

Gomez is Network Computing magazine’s “Editor’s Choice” for best Internet performance monitoring service. For more information, please visit www.gomez.com.

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