CompuOffice Software Inc. (COSI) Adds Two More Software Programs For Insurance Quotations And Comparisons On PDA Devices: Handiquoter And Cosiquoter

Recognizing the growing popularity of PDA devices among life insurance advisors, and further widening its lead in software for this market, CompuOffice Software Inc. is introducing HandIquoter(tm) and CosIquoter(tm), for the benefit of consumers, brokers, MGAs, and insurers.

Following the highly successful introduction of QuotesOnTap, CompuOffice Software Inc. has now introduced HandIquoter and CosIquoter software for field comparisons and quotations of life insurance premiums on Personal Data Assistant (PDA) devices. The software is designed for use on PDA devices employing either the Palm or Windows CE operating systems.

Intended for use as an effective and portable marketing and visibility enhancement tool for Managing General Agencies (MGAs), HandIquoter is customized to include the products of insurance carriers represented by the individual MGA, along with any private label and custom products promoted by the MGA through its representatives. HandIquoter is also easily customized to include other marketing and information material of the MGA.

CosIquoter is a portable and effective marketing and visibility enhancement tool for individual life insurance companies and is easily customized to also include marketing and information material of the individual life insurer.

Like QuotesOnTap, HandIquoter and CosIquoter are entirely self-contained on the user�s PDA device. That includes both the software and insurance products data. Use of the software is therefore independent of the Internet, and frees the user from connectivity concerns. This is particularly beneficial in environments where reliable wireless Internet connectivity may either not be available or is slowed due to weak or noisy signals. Since use of the software does not require live wireless data transfer, the user is also freed from the costs of wireless data transfer charges.

�HandIquoter and CosIquoter are natural progressions of our firm�s innovative independent QuotesOnTap PDA software for insurance brokers, and are another in a long list of useful and consumer interest oriented innovations by CompuOffice Software Inc.� said Ami Maishlish, VP-Insurance & Financial Software. �The consumer has the right to easy and unhindered access to choice and professional advice by qualified and consumer interest oriented insurance practitioners.” said Maishlish. “Our goal is to facilitate easy and effective access to information and I believe that the introduction of QuotesOnTap at the beginning of this year – and now the introduction of HandIquoter and CosIquoter – to our other industry leading professional software offerings will further facilitate this goal� he added.

About CompuOffice Software Inc.

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