Cell Phones Can Cause Fires: Insurers Financial Group

June, 2006 – In an earlier e-bulletin, we discussed how the use of cell phones while driving could create a greater probability of automobile accidents.

Research has indicated that cell phones can ignite fuel or fumes. Many incidences have been reported where drivers incurred severe burns from an activated (ringing) cell phone while refueling their vehicles. Cell phones that light up, vibrate or ring, release enough static electricity to provide a spark for ignition. Getting in and out of your vehicle while refueling can also create enough static electricity to cause a spark. So what are the valuable lessons we can apply as the summer holiday season is upon us.

  • Cell phones should not be used in filling stations or when fueling lawn mowers, grass trimmers or boats

  • Cell phones should not be used or turned off when using any flammables (solvents, chemicals, gases)

When refueling, always remember:

  • Turn off your engine!

  • Don’t smoke!

  • Don’t re-enter your vehicle during fueling! (You could generate a static charge.)

  • Turn your cell phone off or leave it in the car!

And on that last point on cell phones; drive now, talk later!

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