CompuOffice Software Inc. enhances QuotesOnTap

QuotesOnTap, Canada�s leading software module for use with PDA devices to quote and compare life insurance products offered by various insurers, was enhanced again in April with the inclusion of Detailed Underwriting Evidence Requirements for each product. This enhancement follows an earlier QuotesOnTap enhancement to provide year-by-year quantitative product detail for each product.

QuotesOnTap is designed, developed and produced by CompuOffice Software Inc and is included with LifeGuide, free of charge as an added benefit for all LifeGuide subscribers. QuotesOnTap is very user friendly and quick. According to comments by users in the field, it is a wonderful and effective additional tool. The QuotesOnTap PDA quoting module is downloaded through LifeGuide and installs easily and seamlessly with the PDA device�s synchronization process.

Customized special versions of the QuotesOnTap for use on PDA devices are now also available for individual life insurers as well as for MGA offices.

�We are very pleased with the comments and positive feedback that we are receiving from our customers�, said Ami Maishlish, VP-Insurance & Financial Software of CompuOffice Software Inc. �This is yet another step in our work to continuously expand the wide and significant consumer service and competitive advantage enjoyed by LifeGuide subscribers. LifeGuide is by far the most widely used independent multiple company life insurance software with thousands of subscribers coast to coast and a continuously expanding subscriber base�, he added.

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