Flood Safety Tips: Royal & SunAlliance

TORONTO, April 23, 2006 – In the aftermath of extensive flooding or in the event of future flooding, insurer Royal & SunAlliance has some information that may help keep flood victims safe and mitigate damage.

It’s most important to protect yourself and your family first:

  • If you are indoors, move to the upper levels of your home, and bring a battery operated radio and flashlights.

  • Turn off electricity and outside gas valve.

  • If you are outdoors, move to higher ground and avoid flood waters; even 15 cm of fast moving water can sweep you off your feet.

  • Don’t stay in your car – according to the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR), as little as 60 cm of water can carry a car away. If it is not safe to leave your car, park at the most elevated point possible.

What to do if your home or business has been flooded:

  • Do NOT touch electrical wires, appliances or devices.

  • Separate damaged property from undamaged property, and prepare an inventory of what has been lost or damaged.

  • Take photographs of damaged property. If covered, Royal & SunAlliance will reimburse you for the cost of the developing.

  • Keep receipts for any clean-up costs incurred (i.e., shop vac rentals, cleaning supplies, etc.).

  • Your insurance company is there to help. Contact your independent insurance broker or your insurance company to report any damage.

Protecting your home in the future:

  • Stay away from electrical wires.

  • Raise any personal belongings that you have stored in the basement off the floor to prevent water damage.

  • Through a licensed electrician and in accordance with the local building code, raise the main circuit breaker or fuse box 2 meters above flood level in your area.

  • Install backflow valves or backflow prevention device to prevent sewer backups (check with local building codes for further information).

  • Install sump pump if floors below ground level and check to make sure sump pump is operable. A backup sump pump would be beneficial.

  • Disconnect eaves trough downspouts if connected to weeping tile

  • Ensure proper drainage around your home; consider adding top soil with a minimum gradient of five degrees slope away from your home.

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