ICLR’s Friday Forum: Status of Western s Three Little Pigs Facility, on Friday April 21, Toronto

The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) is pleased to invite you to participate in a workshop with Dr. Michael Bartlett of The University of Western Ontario.

Damage due to hurricanes and other windstorms has increased dramatically in recent years, incurring losses of life and property around the world. Houses are the most common structures and are also the most affected structures during extreme events. They are complex because of their highly redundant, yet vaguely defined, structural systems. A new full-scale facility for testing houses, and other light-frame buildings, to failure under realistic, simulated environmental loads has been developed. In order to apply extreme (Category 5 hurricane) wind loads, a novel, pressure loading actuator system has been developed to replicate time histories of the temporally- and spatially-varying wind pressures that would be observed in full-scale. Damage to cladding and large-scale structural failures will be examined in detail using this loading system and a system of sensors within the structure. In addition, the data captured will validate computer-based analyses of the complex load paths through to failure.

Professor Bartlett has been a principal contributor to the development of safety provisions in structural standards, including CSA S6 �Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code� and, more recently, the National Building Code of Canada and CSA A23.3 �Design of Concrete Structures�. He is co-author, with James G. MacGregor, of �Reinforced Concrete: Design and Construction, First Canadian Edition.� He has been a principal investigator on the ICLR project �Mitigating Losses to Housing due to Extreme Natural Hazards�, and heads the team proposing to construct the �Three Little Pigs� facility at UWO. In 2002 he was elected Chair of the Structures Division of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, and in 2006 will be inducted as a Fellow of CSCE.

  • When: Friday, April 21, 2006 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  • Where: Insurance Bureau of Canada, 151 Yonge Street, 18th floor boardroom, Toronto.

  • RSVP: Tracy Waddington (416) 364-8677 ([email protected]).

Friday Forum

ICLR seeks to strengthen the insurance community�s awareness of the risks associated with natural hazards. Each month we will host an informal discussion of current research and industry issues related to natural hazards. Attendance will be limited to ensure that participants can directly contribute to the discussion. The cost is $75 ($150 for non-members, if space permits) for each forum. Business casual dress.

Future topics include: Weather Forecasting, Peterborough Flood, Landslide, Climate Change & Tourism, Weather & Economics

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