KANA Addresses the Pain Points of Self-Service Search by Ensuring Every Self-Service Experience is Personalized and Successful

According to a Leading Research Firm, End-Users Note that Searchable Self-Service Lacks Quality Results

MENLO PARK, Calif. – March 13, 2006 – KANA Software, Inc. (Pinksheets: KANA.PK), a leading provider of service resolution management (SRM) solutions, today announced that through the use of KANA IQ, its award-winning knowledge base for self- and assisted-service, leading organizations are providing a better customer experience than that of Online Self-Service Search.

In February 2006 JupiterResearch released the report titled, �Online Self-Service: The Slow Road to Search Effectiveness,� by Analyst Zach McGeary. In the research, JupiterResearch points to a survey of end-users (JupiterResearch/Ipsos-Insight Consumer Survey (10/05), n = 2,136) who were asked, �In your opinion, what are the disadvantages of searchable self-service on Web sites (i.e., the ability to search for answers to your question by typing a phrase or full sentence in a search box)?� Of those surveyed, 34 percent said they received too many results; 32 percent noted that answers were not exact; 25 percent said that answers were not related and 20 percent said that results were confusing.

KANA Customer IQ for Web Self-Service has been proven to reduce call volume and increase customer satisfaction by guiding customers through every step of their self-service interactions from research to resolution. This is because, rather than offering simple search, which is based on pulling data based on key words, KANA IQ dynamically applies business rules to automate self-service resolution processes, manage escalations, select queues, prescribe customer treatments and personalize interactions and resolutions. In other words, it uses the customer�s information on a case-by-case basis to weed through data and retrieve only the most relevant information.

�Customers not only need information fast, but they need it to be accurate,� said Marchai Bruchey, chief marketing officer at KANA. �Although search provides fast results, the quality of data produced does not match the end-user needs. KANA IQ takes the customer through a few key questions to help narrow the scope of information needed, the end result, better qualified information and faster resolution of the customer request.�

The JupiterResearch report also states, �Given consumers� frustration with the presentation of self-service search results, companies must seek self-service applications that provide robust and contextual results presentation on a dynamic basis.�

KANA solutions for Web self-service have demonstrated real value to hundreds of customers including reduced support calls on average by 20 percent; enabling agents to support more than 20,000 products; producing double-digit increases in customer satisfaction; and providing self-service around the world in 20 languages.

�When running call center services that receive upwards of five million incidences per year, it is vitally important that our customers can access information at any given time,� said Chek Teck Poh Director, Global Systems Development for TechTeam. �Through its breath of functionality and best-in-class workflow, KANA IQ enables our customers to get the most relevant information in a timely manner, by answering a few simple questions. This has enabled us to have a significant decrease in overall call volume, because our customers have had satisfying experiences through our online self-service capabilities.�

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