Rollover simulator shows seatbelts save lives: SGI

March, 2005 – For every two people who die in an auto collision where they were not wearing a seatbelt, one would have lived had they taken the time to buckle up. SGI is driving home the message of how seatbelts save lives with its newest traffic safety tool, a rollover simulator.

“Given our vast network of roads in Saskatchewan, some residents may think that seatbelts are not important in areas where there is little traffic. However, most fatal crashes where seatbelts have not been used are single-vehicle collisions, particularly rollovers,” Minister responsible for SGI Glenn Hagel said. “The rollover simulator graphically shows what can happen when a vehicle occupant doesn’t buckle up.”

The rollover simulator is a cab of a vehicle with a motorized encasement mounted on top. The encasement rolls the cab, simulating a rollover incident. Straw-filled dummies are used to show the effectiveness of seatbelts by simulating a rollover with them belted and then with them unbelted.

SGI has partnered with the RCMP to take the simulator on the road to rural high schools, First Nations communities, trade fairs, malls, and other community events as part of its traffic safety education program.

“RCMP members attend far too many survivable rollover crashes on the roadways in Saskatchewan where someone has died because they were not buckled up,” Inspector Don Ross, RCMP Officer in Charge of Traffic Services, said. “We believe the rollover simulator can help us save lives by showing people that seatbelts are the best protection in most types of single-vehicle crashes.”

Anyone interested in requesting the rollover simulator for an event in their community should call either the local RCMP detachment, or Traffic Safety Promotion at SGI at 1-800-667- 8015.