CAA-Quebec welcomes SAAQ decision to review automobile insurance contributions

QUEBEC, March 6 — CAA-Quebec is pleased with the decision by the Soci�t� de l’assurance automobile du Qu�bec (SAAQ) to proceed with a public consultation on Quebec’s public automobile insurance plan. Although not surprised by the possible increase in insurance contributions, given that the last increase was more than 12 years ago, CAA-Quebec believes that it must be implemented fairly and that the insurance bill must be simpler and more transparent for motorists.

CAA-Quebec will participate in the consultation and will promote its position on several major proposals presented in the documentation made public on February 28. The SAAQ has begun to re-establish the financial situation of the public automobile insurance plan in accordance with the government’s mandate as per Bill 55. “It is clear that the insurance premium has been stable for a long time,” says Sophie Gagnon, Director, Public and Government Relations, CAA-Quebec. “We nevertheless hope that the changes will be in line with the plan’s basic values, which include fairness.”

To make things less confusing, CAA-Quebec suggests that the insurance premium be billed separately from fees related to vehicle registration and the driver’s licence. As Ms. Gagnon explains: “If billed separately, the insurance premium immediately becomes more transparent and motorists will become more aware of the amount of insurance they are paying.”

CAA-Quebec believes the reform is necessary. “What is happening at the moment,” notes Ms. Gagnon, “is a consequence of the government’s decision to separate the insurance mandate of the SAAQ from its other mandates and shield it from political pressure through increased autonomy. We must learn from this as we move forward.”

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