Garda Strenghtens Its Position As a Canadian Leader in Consulting and Investigations Services

MONTREAL, CANADA –(Feb. 20, 2006) – Garda World Security Corporation (TSX:GW), one of North America’s leading providers of security, cash handling and investigative services, is pleased to announce today two acquisitions in the consulting and investigations services sector. The firm strengthens its leading position in Canada by acquiring Chartrand Laframboise Inc. and Signum Corporate Services Inc.

“These are strategic acquisitions that will allow us to continue to develop our consulting and investigations services, and particularly our expertise, so that we maintain our leading position in a market that is showing strong growth”, said Stephan Cretier, President and CEO of Garda.

Garda acquires the leading firm in consulting and investigations services in Quebec.

Chartrand Laframboise, headquartered in Laval, Quebec, demonstrates outstanding expertise in consulting and investigation services, which are needed to meet the challenges faced by public and private organizations. Since 1986, the firm has provided consulting, investigations, employment information, protection, and surveillance services. With a vast network of contacts, that include major police authorities and well-known consulting firms active in the security sector, Chartrand Laframboise offers tailored solutions for over a thousand clients.

Its founder, Louis Laframboise, has accepted to lead Garda’s consulting and investigations services team as vice president of this division in Canada. Jean Talbot, co-president at Chartrand Laframboise since 2000, will act as special advisor to Garda’s President and CEO and his first mandate will be to develop Garda’s employment information sector in Canada.

Garda strengthens its Ontario market position in consulting and investigations services

Signum Corporate Services Inc.’s head office is located in Toronto, Ontario and it has offices in Hamilton, London, Kitchener/Waterloo, Barrie, Peterborough and Cobourg. The firm provides investigations, employment information as well as claims and risk management services for the most important insurance companies present in Ontario, as well as for firms that are active in various industries throughout the province. Signum has a vast network of national and international contacts.

Paul W. Reid, Signum’s president and founder, is joining Garda’s consulting and investigations services team. He will be responsible for developing operations in this sector as General Manager of Ontario and Western Canada.

In relation to these two transactions, Garda will pay a cash amount and will issue 73,040 class A shares of its capital to the sellers of both entities: 36,231 common stock class A at a price of $15.18 per issued share for the purchase of Chartrand Laframboise inc. and 36,809 common stock class A at a price of $16.30 per issued share for Signum Corporate Services Inc. for a total consideration of $1,149,973.28. The combined sales amounts of these two transactions will surpass $12 million. This will have a positive impact on the second quarter results of this year.

About Garda

Garda is a well-established leading provider of security and cash handling services in North America. The company employs over 14,000 people and is headquartered in Montreal, with offices from coast-to-coast in Canada, as well as in the United States, Mexico and Europe. The company, known for its Total Security Solutions approach, provides consultation and investigations, physical security, employment background check and cash handling services.

Recognized for its competence in addressing the most complex security issues, Garda has built a solid reputation among companies in both traditional and new-economy industries. Garda plays an active role in the consolidation of the security market. Through a series of strategic acquisitions and strong internal growth, Garda is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in North America. With its unique competitive position, Garda is set to take full advantage of its positive growth for its customers and shareholders alike. Garda is also the sole shareholder of Keyfacts, Canada’s largest provider of search and retrieval services for investigative purposes. Website: