iWay Software Announces Comprehensive SOA Integration Suite

Customer Demand for Improved Business Agility Fuels Development of Low-Cost, High-Return Solution

New York, NY – February 1, 2006 – iWay Software, an Information Builders company and an innovator of enterprise integration solutions, today announced iWay SOA Middleware™, a comprehensive enterprise integration product suite that enables customers to make their entire IT infrastructure more open, more flexible, and more easily aligned with business requirements. Leveraging its heritage as the world’s leading adapter provider, iWay Software is in a unique position to address the fundamental problem of integration – creating and maintaining service interfaces to disparate systems in technical environments. iWay SOA Middleware will help organizations eliminate the complexity associated with SOA deployments and leverage existing IT investments to create powerful, reusable business services through the market’s most economical integration offering. Forward-thinking organizations, including ArvinMeritor, Coty, Inc., Novelis, and S. Abraham & Sons, Inc., are unlocking the potential of service-oriented architecture SOA for business intelligence, supply-chain management, procurement, compliance, and more, while fulfilling integration’s promise to drive corporate performance to the next level.

“iWay Software has been an integral part of our business for nearly five years, providing our organization with cost-effective integration solutions designed to address our specific business and IT infrastructure needs,” commented Bo Foster, director of Corporate IT and eCommerce of Novelis. “iWay’s ability to combine systems and critical business data without the distraction of proprietary technology concerns eliminates any administrative burden, saving valuable time and resources. With iWay Software as a key application integration partner, we are confident any integration challenge can be handled with their commitment to making integration simple and painless.”

Unlike other enterprise service bus (ESB)-based offerings, iWay SOA Middleware will help organizations adopt standards without being limited to them. iWay SOA Middleware will, for example, enable organizations to use the same service as a Web service and through proprietary middleware offerings. iWay Software’s emphasis on interoperability will also avoid the need for additional proprietary infrastructure frequently required by other vendor offerings. By exploiting existing infrastructure and providing reusable business services, enterprises can immediately improve business processes, enabling more streamlined and more intelligent processes as well as the ability to scale to more users. The new integration suite addresses the entire application life cycle for packaged, custom, and composite applications, offering a single integration platform that combines business process, user interaction, application integration, and data integration services. The product will be further developed out of iWay’s new SOA solutions division.

“iWay Software has been an innovator in the integration market for quite a while,” said Michael Kuhbock, chairman of the Integration Consortium. “They understand something the Integration Consortium has been emphasizing – that technology has to serve the business to deliver real value and be effective for enterprises. They have helped many organizations around the world impact business processes and save money by linking existing data, applications, and environments with new systems and applications. With the launch of iWay SOA Middleware, iWay is committed to help organizations understand how SOA can build long-term sustainable business benefits, deliver a strategic integration infrastructure for their customers, and leverage their integration expertise to simplify SOA for resource constrained organizations.”

Specific product components include:

  • iWay Service Manager – a highly scalable enterprise service bus, with fully integrated service design-time workbench and Web services creation/deployment capabilities

  • iWay Service Monitor – provides service monitoring capabilities for business services implemented using iWay Service Manager

  • iWay Service Policy Manager – implements usage and security policy management for business services implemented using iWay Service Manager

  • iWay Process Manager – BPEL-based business process management tool designed to streamline workflows created using iWay business services

  • iWay Trading Manager – lightweight partner agreement manager, fully integrated with iWay Service Manager

  • iWay Enterprise Index – extends the easy-to-use keyword search capability of the Google Search Appliance™ to ERP systems, databases, messages, business processes, middleware, and B2B interactions

“We are excited about the new product developments happening at iWay Software,” said David Berry, global CIO of Coty, Inc. “The company’s commitment to aggressively addressing our most complex integration challenges has made all the difference in how we have shaped our IT and business processes for organizational growth.”

According to a recent report by Aberdeen Group, over the next five years, SOA will enable $53 billion in savings for large companies. iWay Software’s commitment to helping organizations realize such savings is demonstrated through the company’s recent admission to the Eclipse Foundation, an open source community dedicated to the implementation of a universal development platform.

“Integration is always the biggest headache for customers as they build and maintain complex IT systems that impact critical business operations,” said John Senor, president of iWay Software. “iWay Software has approached integration in the same way since the company was founded five years ago, addressing the most complex nuances of enterprise integration while other vendors shy away from the heavy lifting. With the launch of iWay SOA Middleware, we are extending our commitment to making integration simple, pain-free, and low cost.”

“Unlike traditional application integration vendors and the pure-play BI players, Information Builders has a history of offering an integrated approach to business intelligence and is the only vendor to take an incremental approach to integration,” said Gerald Cohen, CEO of Information Builders. “As more and more enterprises are faced with linking critical business applications such as BI, CRM, and ERP, the ability to leverage these existing investments will make for more effective application output fit for business use.”

About iWay Software

iWay Software, an Information Builders company, is a market leader in middleware that accelerates business integration. With facilities to integrate systems in real time, near-real time, or on a scheduled basis, iWay provides a complete reusable infrastructure for EAI, B2B, e-commerce, and mobile business. iWay’s experience with complex information systems led to the development of prepackaged Intelligent Adapters to connect to more than 200 packaged applications, transaction systems, legacy data, relational databases, and e-business formats, without writing custom code. iWay Software integration solutions significantly reduce the time, cost, effort, and risk of integration projects throughout the enterprise. For more information visit www.iwaysoftware.com.

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