Gore Mutual Delivers Superior Customer Service and Optimizes Business Processes With Synergize from Microdea


Gore Mutual has been in operation since 1839 and is the oldest federally licensed property and casualty insurer in Canada. The company�s headquarters are in Cambridge, Ontario, with regional offices in Cambridge and Vancouver. B.C.

Challenge: To deliver the best customer service to brokers and clients and optimize business processes

Gore Mutual wanted to provide the best customer service for both brokers and clients. Their goal was to provide brokers and clients with fast, secure yet easy access to real-time information. An electronic document management and workflow solution was required to deliver consistent and reliable automated document management processes, real-time information access, long-term document security, and reduced operating costs.

Solution: Synergize Electronic Document Management

Microdea was selected due to their reputation and expertise in designing and delivering customized and flexible business solutions for financial services companies. Microdea�s solutions enable companies to increase efficiencies and achieve process compliance while reducing operating costs.

Results: Superior Customer Service, Optimized Business Processes and Reduced Operating Costs

Rapid access to instantaneous information enables customer service staff to quickly and knowledgeably respond to both broker and client inquiries. Information is emailed directly from Synergize to the brokers.

Valuable employee time is no longer spent on retrieving, faxing, photocopying or mailing documents. In addition, Synergize�s secure client web access allows brokers and clients to directly access information at their convenience.

Synergize�s automated workflow has optimized business processes in both the company�s Claims and Underwriting departments.

Gore Mutual�s Claims department simultaneously processes multiple documents, resulting in faster and consistent document processing. Claims examiners, with shared real-time access to client information, have the tools to quickly and knowledgeably respond to client inquiries.

The Underwriting department underwrites entire files at one time, eliminating processing delays. All the information required to complete the file is readily accessible within Synergize.

There has been a decrease in the need for filing space since digital information is securely stored within Synergize. Valuable floor space, previously used to store filing cabinets, now accommodates staff while expensive off-site document storage is no longer required.

�Being able to change and know when to do so is the key to a successful business. I am proud to say that one of the best changes Gore Mutual has made is implementing electronic document management and having Microdea as our partner,� commented Vicky Cole, Document Services Supervisor, Gore Insurance.

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