Empire introduces 100% maturity guarantee option for segregated fund plans

January 25, 2006 Kingston, Ontario – The Empire Life Insurance Company (Empire) has introduced a 100% maturity guarantee option for clients investing in its segregated funds and who want the comfort of knowing their deposits are guaranteed.

The guarantee option protects 100% of clients’ net deposits to the funds as long as there are 15 or more years remaining until the policy’s maturity date. Deposits made in the last 15 years before the maturity date are guaranteed at 75%. Empire recently enhanced its death benefit guarantee to 100% on its Elite Investment Program in October 2005.

“While some companies offering segregated funds focus more on either the maturity or death benefit guarantee, we’ve chosen to focus on both,” says Jim Gibson, Director, Individual Marketing. “This helps protect our clients’ money against market swings while they are saving, and in the event of their death,” he adds.

If clients do not choose the 100% maturity guarantee option, they receive a 75% maturity guarantee. Working with their financial advisor, clients can choose the guarantee option that best suits their needs.

“Now with the choice of a 75% or 100% maturity guarantee option, a 100% death benefit guarantee, and the ability to reset guarantees to lock in growth, we feel we have one of the most comprehensive guarantee packages in the industry,” says Gibson.

About Empire

The mission of The Empire Life Insurance Company (Empire) is to provide solutions for the changing financial security and wealth management needs of Canadians. Under the marketing identity of Empire Financial Group, and through a nationwide network of professional financial advisors, managing general agents, brokers and group producers, Empire offers competitive individual and group life and health insurance, investment products and segregated funds. The Company’s success is based on a commitment to being approachable and responsive to the needs of its clients and business partners, on consistently solid investment performance, and on faith in its employees as future leaders of the Company.