Transport Canada celebrates its 10th year on the web

January 15, 2006 marks the 10th anniversary of Transport Canada’s Internet site. Since that time, Transport Canada has been making information available to the public and stakeholders on-line. The site has proven to be an excellent way to share information and services in a timely and efficient manner.

Yesterday – A trip down memory lane�

1995 – Marked the creation of an interdepartmental Internet committee, headed by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. The committee’s main objective was to provide information to Canadians using the World Wide Web.

1996 – On January 15th, Transport Canada creates a website and receives close to 360,000 visits within the first month.

1997 – Website visitation jumps to approximately two million visits!

1998 – In February, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat made several policy decisions aimed at strengthening the identity, presence and visibility of the Government of Canada. Transport Canada was one of 50 institutions to join a newly created standards group, The Common Look and Feel Working Group.

1999 – The government sets the ambitious goal of providing Canadians with access to all government information and services on-line by 2004.

2000-2002 – Transport Canada’s website experiences a huge growth as more information and services go on-line. The departmental web publishers work towards compliance with the Common Look and Feel standards while continuing to make more information available electronically.

Today – We are listening�

2004 – Your feedback is important. Website surveys are conducted to ensure we are meeting the needs of Canadians. Efforts are ongoing to make improvements to the site organization and to facilitate quick and easy access to information and services on-line. Transport Canada also examines how to use new technologies to effectively provide the information Canadians are seeking.

Tomorrow – Where do we go from here?

Website visitation continues to grow over time. More than eight million visitors came to the Transport Canada website in 2005.

Treasury Board Secretariat is also leading the effort across government to creating an integrated approach to internal and external service transformation for the Government of Canada.

The key goals of service transformation will be to establish:

  • Integrated government services that are accessible through a variety of efficient, single-window service options, based on citizens’ needs and preferences; and

  • Shared administrative systems that are streamlined and better support government operations and decision-making.

As more Canadians turn to the Internet as a source of information, Transport Canada remains committed to providing accurate, timely, relevant information, tools and services that support business objectives and meet requirements under all relevant policies and standards. The department will continue to build upon successes to date.

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