AIC captures third consecutive Dalbar Mutual Fund Service Award

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Monday, 09 January 2006 – AIC Group of Funds has earned Dalbar’s 2005 Mutual Fund Service Award, marking the third consecutive year in which the Burlington-based company has been bestowed with this honour.

�Our congratulations go out those at AIC responsible for ensuring that their clients are being well-served. They have demonstrated time and again that their business model places superior customer service on a very high pedestal,� said Mark McDonald, Manager of Client Relations at Dalbar.

�Their clients have been in very good hands for a long time, showing that despite challenges that they have faced over the last few years in a number of areas, they have not lost sight of the importance of placing the customer first,� he added.

Honourable mention was given to Franklin Templeton Investments, BMO Mutual Funds, and Altamira Investment Services for placing in the first quartile in Dalbar�s year-end rankings.

Dalbar also announced that Franklin Templeton Investments has won the 2005 Mutual Fund Service Award for service to French-speaking clients. 2005 marks the first year that the company has captured this distinction, after several years of placing in the first quartile.

�Franklin Templeton is another company that has worked very hard to serve its clients, whether they are French-speaking or English-speaking, and they should be proud of this accomplishment,� said McDonald. Other top-quartile firms were Altamira Investment Services and BMO Mutual Funds.

The Award is given to the company which places first in Dalbar�s year-end customer service rankings, which are based on evaluations made over a calendar year in four categories: quality of telephone service representatives, effectiveness of e-mail communication, telephone wait times, and e-mail response times. By playing the role of the unitholder in over 2000 telephone calls and over 400 e-mails throughout the year, Dalbar actively experiences the service that the average Canadian mutual fund investor would receive from each company.

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