CompuOffice Software Inc. announces introduction of LTCiScout

Toronto: December 21, 2005 — CompuOffice Software Inc., the leading producer of independent multiple company life insurance research and comparison software in Canada, is introducing LTCiScout. LTCiScout is Canada’s first ever independently produced multiple company, multiple product Long Term Care Insurance research and information software for financial advisors and life insurance professionals.

LTCiScout will be included at no additional cost, and as a further enhancement and benefit to LifeGuide subscribers with the March 2005 release. With the addition of LTCiScout to LifeGuide, LTCi research, comparison and information is added to the advanced facilities in LifeGuide for Term, T100, Whole Life, Universal Life, Critical Illness insurance, Guaranteed Issue, Simplified Issue and Niche products.

Ami Maishlish, VP – Insurance & Financial Software of CompuOffice Software Inc. noted that the March 2005 release of the LTCiScout software and its inclusion with the LifeGuide Professional Software is only the first step. “The design of independent multiple company LTCi research, comparison and information software necessitated substantial research and an entirely new approach – both interesting and challenging. We are quite excited about this new software module and the further added benefits that it is expected to provide for LifeGuide subscribers and their clients. We are also quite pleased with the progress of further enhancements that are nearing completion and, scheduled for inclusion with upcoming updates.”

Providing details on the largest number of products by the largest number of insurers, and covering the widest range of products types, the LifeGuide Professional Software is the most advanced and also the most widely used life insurance research, information and comparison software in Canada. The addition of LTCiScout to LifeGuide will further enhance the wide and significant consumer service and competitive advantage enjoyed by LifeGuide subscribers.

A short Flashette” demo of LTCiScout can be downloaded for viewing at

For information about the LifeGuide Professional Software, please visit, or contact CompuOffice Software Inc., 1-888-316-5433 or [email protected]