Compucage Adds to its Award-Winning Line of Enhanced Physical Security Devices

Introducing the Compucage R8620

Mississauga, ON – (Dec 8, 2005) Compucage International Inc offers additional, robust tools in the fight against office equipment theft.

Since impressing the physical security market 5 years ago with innovative products such as the Benji, CompuCollar, L4000 and T-Series for computer systems; Compucage is poised to repeat the success with its newly introduced Compucage R8620.

What is a R8620? The Compucage R8620 is the latest in Laptop protection. This alloy steel offers a robust, attractive, and stronger deterrence alternative than the old security slot system. Developed for the retail environment, the R8620 allows Laptop to be completely cable-free. Non-intrusive to the display, however provides the security that has been trademarked by the Compucage line of products. The R8620 allows easy mounting on store shelves or libraries. It’s available in 10″, 13″, 15″ and 16 �”. Standard sizes making it ideal for retail, hospital carts, universities and libraries as well.

Asked why Compucage decided to launch this product, Compucage president Steve Galant, answers, “We are dominating the physical security market because of our commitment to provide companies with the best possible solutions for securing their computing systems. We do this by listening to the needs of our customers and by innovating. The Compucage R8620r is the end result of feedback from our customers who, after being very happy with our physical computer security solutions, requested that we take care of their retail environments. We are very pleased with our product design, and our test market program has yielded very positive and encouraging results.”

The Compucage R8620, which offers the same dependable, rugged security as with all Compucage products, will be commercially available by the 1st quarter, 2005.

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