SGI recognizes its “Platinum” customers

Nov. 28, 2005 – SGI is enhancing its Safe Driver Recognition (SDR) program to provide an additional benefit to the province�s safest drivers by increasing the number of safety points a driver can earn.

Drivers earn a safety point for every year they drive without causing a collision or earning a traffic conviction. Beginning Jan. 1, 2006, the maximum number of safety points a driver can accumulate is +11.

�A driver earns a safety rating of +11 by maintaining a safe driving record for 11 years,� Minister responsible for SGI Maynard Sonntag said. �These individuals deserve special recognition, and will now be described as �Platinum� customers.�

The maximum vehicle insurance discount available under SDR will remain at 20 per cent and will continue to apply to drivers who earn a +10 safety rating. Those who earn a safety rating higher than +10 will build a cushion that will lessen the impact if the driver is responsible for a traffic incident in the future.

SGI plans to continue to increase the number of safety points available each year to a maximum of +16.

�This change is a direct response to SGI customers who are concerned that the province�s safest drivers receive a financial penalty through their loss of discount after many years of safe driving,� Sonntag said. �Eventually, our Platinum customers will be completely cushioned from the impact of an incident, with no loss of discount.�

In 2005, approximately $65 million will be put back into the pockets of safe drivers in Saskatchewan through discounts on their vehicle insurance. About three out of four Saskatchewan vehicle owners qualify for some level of discount, and about 40 per cent of vehicle owners are eligible for the maximum discount available.

More information on Safe Driver Recognition can be found on SGI�s website at