A New Dimension to Learning Ethics: Two New Courses for Financial Advisors, from Oliver Publishing

Ethical behaviour in the financial services continues to be one of the largest and most serious issues facing the industry. Knowing the rules is one thing; applying them in practice is another. Oliver Publishing has addressed the issue of practicing ethical behaviour in two new courses it has developed to meet continuing education credit requirements: Ethical Decision-making for IDA Registrants and Ethical Decision-making for Financial Advisors.

Both courses are built on the principles of ethical decision-making and provide a comprehensive overview of the analytical objectivity required to at an impartial assessment of what �wrong� has been done within the rules that exist. The courses also bring in the dimension of subjectivity so that the course-taker will be able to identify who has gone �wrong� when an ethical situation arises.

Once the �what� and the �who� questions are answered, the decision-maker is guided in �how� to respond ethically. In this, he or she will learn from the real life case studies that are provided with each course.

The case studies that accompany Ethical Decision-making for IDA Registrants focus on issues pertaining to the brokerage environment that have been provided by a former stockbroker. Ethical Decision-making for Financial Advisors provides case studies on financial services and insurance provided by a lifelong insurance expert who has valuable insight into situations that confront and confound insurance agents and financial advisors. A series of challenging questions based on each set of case studies will kickstart the ethical decision-making abillity of the course taker.

�When we first provided these courses to one of Canada�s leading firms of financial advisors, the failure rate on the course was astronomical,� said Susan Yates, Managing director of Oliver Publishing. �This reinforced our belief that ethics itself is still poorly understood and that people just do not know how to make an ethical decision. We stand by this course as a must-have for everyone in the industry.�

The courses are available online, in print, or suggested for delivery in an in-house seminar using the seminar leader package available. The shared discussion in a seminar is sure to be lively and provide a valuable learning experience. For more information, please contact Susan Yates at Oliver Publishing at 416-922-9604 x 250 or mailto:[email protected].

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