Voluntary short-term disability is the subject of Eastbridges latest report

AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (November 3, 2005) – Short-term disability (STD) continues to be a strong product in the worksite market. In fact, STD products accounted for roughly 16 percent of all worksite/voluntary sales in 2004. Combined with LTD sales (and combo plans), disability sales accounted for almost one-quarter of all worksite sales last year. But these results have not come easy for many carriers. Today, carriers have to determine the best way to position their product among all of the many different plans available as well as learn how to maintain a competitive yet profitable price.

To help carriers sort through this ever-changing voluntary STD market, Eastbridge Consulting Group has recently published its newest spotlight report, Voluntary Short-Term Disability Plans. With this information, carriers can compare their company�s product features and benefits, underwriting guidelines, and administrative practices against other carriers� products in the marketplace.

The report is divided into three sections. The first section provides an overview of the report�s structure, along with key findings and recommendations. The second section examines the current state of the disability market and provides general information on each carrier�s results, competitors, persistency, penetration, competitive challenges, etc.

The final section takes a close look at the practices of 24 voluntary short-term disability providers, including:

  • Product structure

  • Underwriting parameters

  • Costs

  • Distribution and commissions

  • Other data (e.g.: future outlook, concerns about product, etc.)

[Note: In order to protect the confidentiality of the carriers profiled, all data is reported anonymously by assigning each carrier a random number.]

The report is available for purchase for just $4,000. Click here to view more information about the report, including the table of contents. To purchase the report, e-mail us at [email protected] or phone (860) 676-9633.

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