Copoloff Insurance Agencies Inc. Unveils New Cutting-Edge Service for Delivering Live Online Continuing Education Credits to Brokers

MONTREAL, Oct. 25 – Copoloff Insurance Agencies Inc. announces the introduction of live audio and video conferencing for brokers. Using new technology and resources provided by, this new service allows brokers to earn CE credits over the Internet and in the convenience of their own offices.

“Over the years, Copoloff Insurance has held conferences in Montreal and Toronto which have served the brokers in these two cities. After learning more about, we were excited to be the first MGA to use their resources to serve all of our brokers across Canada,” says Sid Copoloff, President. “We were also honoured to have Ross Morton, an internationally renowned expert on reinsurance, as the speaker who introduced this cutting-edge technology to our brokers on October 18th. Based on all the feedback, our first session has been an incredible success.”

Victor Gaughan, a partner in says, “Continuing education is a must for professionals to maintain their licenses and designations. Travel time, parking time and, in some cases, accommodation expenses, can make physical attendance difficult and costly. With our services, even telephone dial-up access to the Internet allows a broker to participate.” Mr. Gaughan pointed out, “At last the financial services industry in Canada has a cost-effective method to deliver CE courses to even the most isolated broker.”

Both Mr. Copoloff and Mr. Gaughan agree that one of the most important features of this new service is the interactivity between the speaker and participants. During his presentation, brokers were able to ask Mr. Morton specific questions that he was able to answer during his presentation. Live audio discussion concerning other related issues was also open to everyone as the session drew to a close. The continuing presence and participation of each attendee was date and time-stamped. The session was recorded.

Copoloff Insurance Agencies invites brokers and other financial advisors who may wish to be informed of upcoming, on-line CE sessions to go to and register now.