Aviva Canada says “Let’s be Clear about Disclosure.”

October 17th, 2005, TORONTO, ON – Aviva Canada Inc., one of Canada’s largest Property & Casualty insurance groups, says it’s time to resolve the issue of what kind of disclosure should accompany the sale of insurance products.

�Let’s face it. For most customers, the insurance business is complex and the sales arena potentially confusing,� Igal Mayer, President & CEO, Aviva Canada Inc., writes in an open letter to the insurance community. The letter, titled �Let’s Be Clear About Disclosure,� will begin appearing in several trade publications next week.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada, along with other stakeholders in the insurance industry have all agreed that more disclosure in the sale of insurance is necessary. So in recent weeks, Aviva Canada has been consulting with its member companies and independent brokers about the issue and working on a clear statement about where the company stands.

�We believe the time has come for this industry to be clear about disclosure. And as one of the largest players in the industry, we think we can help to stimulate the debate.� says Mr. Mayer. In addition to publishing the open letter in the industry press, Aviva is inviting comments to a mail box [email protected]

�At Aviva Canada, we believe the customer deserves to be told by their sales advisor some basic facts about the choices they are presented with,� Mr. Mayer continues in the letter. Specifically, he says customers should know who their sales advisor works for, if they have financial ties to an insurance company, and how many other options are available for the product they�re interested in. �Customers have the right to know these basic facts before they make up their minds.�

In addition, Mr. Mayer says Aviva Canada intends to practice what it preaches and he promises that whenever a customer deals directly with a sales advisor who is an Aviva employee, full disclosure will be provided.

About Aviva Canada

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