Be Bright, Think Right: School Bus Safety

Join our school bus safety team: Transport Canada

October, 2010 – Prevention is the key to school bus safety. Transport Canada and the RCMP have teamed up for the Be Bright-Think Right campaign to help children across Canada stay safe.

The cooperation of both educators and parents is essential to this effort. Educators and parents can provide children with frequent reminders about school bus safety.

Getting to the school bus

  • Remind your child to get to the bus stop at least five minutes before the school bus arrives. Children should never run after the school bus to try to catch it if they miss their ride.

  • Your child should stay on the sidewalk; if there is no sidewalk, tell your child to walk on the left side of the street facing traffic.

  • Remind your child that s/he should cross the street only at a corner. If there are no street corners because your family lives in a rural community, you should show your child the safest way to get to the bus stop. When crossing the road, your child must remember to look to the left, then to the right, and to the left once more before crossing.

  • When the school bus is approaching the bus stop, your child must take five steps back from the road.

Riding on the school bus

  • Once inside the school bus, your child should take a seat as quickly as possible, put his/her belongings under the seat, and stay calm.

  • Remind your child to wait until the school bus comes to a complete stop before getting off.

  • Your child should use the handrail when getting off the school bus.

After riding on the school bus

  • It is important for you to remind your child to stay away from the three danger zones – the front, sides and back of the bus – by staying at least three metres (10 feet) away from the school bus.

  • If students must cross the street, they should always cross in front of the school bus but only after establishing eye contact with the school bus driver.

  • If students drop something near or under the school bus, they should never attempt to retrieve it without the driver’s permission.

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