Upgrading Call Center Technology at Allianz Life: Report Published by Celent

Allianz Life�s new call center has increased current year sales 78% with essentially the same staff count.

In a new report, “Upgrading Call Center Technology at Allianz Life,” Celent describes the financial and operational benefits a major life insurance company, Allianz Life, has realized by upgrading its call center�s network infrastructure and application portfolio. Insurance call centers� underlying network technology has remained fairly static over time. Separate voice and data networks existed with telephone calls traveling over a voice network and queries/transactions traveling over a data network. But the emergence of converged voice, data, and video networks has changed this.

In 2003, Allianz Life transformed its Individual Insurance Group Call Center. Key features and objectives included: a single converged voice and data network, voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) phones, simple and understandable 800 number access for agents and policyholders, and intelligent call routing.

Allianz�s new Call Center has produced both financial and nonfinancial benefits. Productivity (measured by utilization of internal sales reps) has increased from 85% to 92%. Current year sales are up 78% year-over-year with essentially the same staff count. Management has a much better ability to track performance both real-time and retrospectively. Perhaps most importantly, the introduction of skill-based routing has facilitated the matching of calls to sales representatives.

According to Donald Light, senior analyst and author of the report, “A single converged voice and data network costs less and is more efficient. Even more importantly, it provides the call center�s staff and its callers with new and better ways to do business with one another.”

The figure below shows Allianz Life Call Center�s single converged voice and data network.

The 25-page report contains 11 figures and one table.

A table of contents is available online.

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