SIAAC Announces New Master Broker

London, ON, Sept 6, 05 – SIAAC (Strategic Independent Agents Alliance Canada), the largest network of partnering independent insurance brokerages in Canada and the U.S., announces that Invessa Assurances & Services financiers of Montreal, Quebec has joined SIAA Canada and has established Quebec Brokers Alliance as a Strategic Master Brokerage covering the province of Quebec.

Invessa was created by the firm of Gauthier & Germain Inc. in 2000. Gauthier & Germain Inc. was originally founded in 1964.

Robert Beauchamp, president of Quebec Brokers Alliance has been in the insurance business since 1980 on both the broker and company sides. His partners Jean-Francois Trudel, Vice president operation and Andr� Gu�nette, Vice president will also take an active role in Quebec Brokers Alliance.

Invessa and SIAA Canada believe that building a large national broker network that focuses on professionalism as well as the needs of it�s members/insureds while writing profitable business in partnership with our partner insurers is the best method of insurance distribution.

Randall McDonald, Chairman/CEO of SIAA Canada, says: �We are very pleased with Invessa Assurances & Services financiers decision to join SIAAC. They will provide a strong base in Quebec for smaller brokers and agents looking to expand their business.
This is an important step for SIAA Canada as it establishes us as a national broker network�.

For additional information on SIAA Canada, contact Ken Rayner @ 416-806-7880.

SIAA Facts:

  • 198 Strategic Master Agency/Brokerage territories in 48 states and Canada

  • Comprised of over 1,700 Independent Insurance Brokerages.

  • SIAA Member Agencies write over $3.5 billion in premium volume and have access to more than 2.5 million insurance customers.

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