A life well lived deserves an advisor well trained – Certified Senior Advisor Program

Your clients have come far. They deserve to work with an advisor who appreciates that fact- a Certified Senior Advisor. CSA’s are a group of over 12,000 financial planners, accountants, insurance agents, lawyers, home health care specialists and other professionals who are certified knowledgeable on the health, financial and social issues that really matter to Canadian and American seniors. Over 500 Canadian professionals have attended our public seminars in the past 12 months – attend one of the remaining seminars.
Our remaining 2005 seminars are scheduled for:

Vancouver Sept 7-10
Toronto Oct 12-15
Edmonton Nov 2-5
Saskatoon Nov 23-26
Montreal Dec 7-10

* 2006 seminars are in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Kelowna, London, Ottawa, Regina and Montreal

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The CSA International Designation

Would You Like To GROW Your Business? The majority of professional financial planners and financial companies deal with their senior clients and prospects in the same ways as their younger clients and prospects.

BIG MISTAKE!���they are losing an opportunity to understand a huge market that is rapidly changing in their attitudes and their product and service needs.

What do the 50-plus want from you? Aging Baby Boomers and Seniors want to work with advisors who:

  • Know the issues and alternatives unique to senior life � analyze seniors� worries, unravel their problems, suggest real-life alternatives, then take appropriate action.

  • Respect their circumstances � find new, more effective alternatives to the many challenges faced by seniors and their families.

  • Give help with the senior�s best interest in mind � with the knowledge to provide information that is truthful, logical and comforting.

  • Accommodate their physical challenges, such as vision or hearing impairment, when talking to them � your understanding of age-related, physiological and psychological changes will improve your business relationships.

A Certified Senior Advisor, CSA, is North America�s PREMIER senior advisor designation (over 14,000 have enrolled). This qualification attests to an ability to provide answers on Health, Social and Financial matters for the 50-plus population. Substantial educational support, with monthly cutting edge publications, continues to enhance the CSA’s business productivity in this special arena.

A CSA, enjoys many benefits:

  1. Marketing Strength. The right to use the coveted international, recognised and respected “CSA” designation and the CSA logo on your advertising, adding credibility and power to your marketing materials.

  2. Web-Site Listing on this web-site (available to CSAs in good standing).

  3. A significant Competitive Advantage over others in related fields, who have not made the commitment to establish themselves as “a cut above�, as specialists in the Senior marketplace.

  4. Public Relations programs provided to you free of charge by the Canadian Academy of Senior Advisors.

  5. Improved Marketing Opportunities that will become obvious after you complete the training and obtain your CSA designation.

  6. Increased business from referrals. Seniors like to refer friends and family to their CSAs.

  7. Seminar Success. Double the attendance at your client/prospect seminars.

  8. Ongoing Education new issue every month – 12 issues a year! Look forward to receiving: The CSA Journal � ( a new edition every quarter) peer-reviewed, coffee table quality, the CSA Senior Spirit newsletter, and our CSA Significant Summaries, a publication featuring late breaking senior information, research findings, and in addition the new CSA Success providing key marketing insights,, PLUS many more cutting edge educational benefits to enhance your Business.

  9. CSA’s Code of Ethics and Board of Standards is unequalled in it’s commitment to maintain the integrity of this designation ensuring Your professional standing in your market. First year membership included in tuition.

  10. Renewal fees, due at the end of the first year of membership, are $195 per annum.

John Crawford and Rhonda Latreille, are the Directors responsible for introducing and offering this prestigious designation to fellow Canadians.

The Canadian Academy of Senior Advisors, offers its designation training in two formats:

�Live� Class. ( Cost $1,399.00 plus GST) An intensive 3 day educational program The class ends with a closed-book, proctored, multiple-choice exam administered on the morning of the fourth day. The public classes left in 2005 are;
September 7-10, 2005

Correspondence Course. ($1095.00 plus GST)Correspondence course participants receive our compressive study text books, 22 CDs of 24 “Live” class presentations. The correspondence course is self-paced; the student completes the requirements for the CSA designation by taking a monitored examination and doing a brief writing assignment.

Each format provides you with a hard-cover study text book “Working With Seniors: Health, Financial and Social Issues” with 600 pages of the most up-to-date information on 50-plus and senior issues, plus an extensive Supplement dealing with uniquely Canadian ‘Boomers’ and Senior�s concerns, as well as a CSA workbook to guide the registrant through key material for each chapter.


  • TRENDS IN AGING. – By understanding the relevant demography, you gain market-useful knowledge of social, economic and health patterns in the over-50 population in Canada.

  • PRINCIPLES OF AGING. – Key facts regarding age-related physiological and psychological changes will strengthen your approach to seniors.

  • SOCIAL ASPECTS OF AGING. – An understanding of the age-related and social interaction changes experienced by Canadian seniors is vital to the establishment of good business and personal relationships.

  • ALZHEIMER’S AND DEMENTIA. – Learn to distinguish forgetfulness from dementia. Understand the social, financial and family consequences of Alzheimer’s disease. How to respond? � What are the options?

  • CHRONIC ILLNESS IN SENIORS. – Longevity and independence are the norms among Canadian seniors in the face of widespread, common health challenges.

  • SENIORS� NUTRITION AND FITNESS. – Appreciate the importance of sound dietary practices, good nutrition and appropriate exercise in the lives of Canada�s seniors

  • FINANCIAL PLANNING. – Explore retirement issues and measures to manage retirement income options for aging Canadians..

  • ESTATE PLANNING. – Become familiar with the importance of various estate taxation factors, probate trusts and tax-advantaged charitable giving strategies for Canadians; there are consequences when these are not handled appropriately.

  • SOCIAL SECURITY. – Understand the programs that help Canadian seniors get the fullest possible financial benefits.

  • ABUSE AND EXPLOTATION OF OLDER PERSONS. – Abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, or financial More than 50% of the cases of abuse of older persons in Canada takes the form of financial abuse – learn to spot the signs.

  • END-OF-LIFE PLANNING. – Develop knowledge of palliative care and advance directives that can offer seniors peace of mind and a measure of control when death occurs.

  • SENIOR SPIRITUALITY. – Enhance senior relationships by understanding their patterns of religious involvement.

  • CANADA�S HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. – Understand the essential elements of Canada�s Federal/Provincial Health systems and how they impact seniors.

  • ADVOCACY. – Learn about a role poorly understood and little practiced. How advocacy strategies can be mutually beneficial – – to you and the seniors you deal with. .

  • SENIOR HOUSING OPTIONS. – Explore and understand the full range of housing options available to seniors.

  • LONG-TERM CARE. – Become familiar with the range and nature of Long-Term Care services available in Canada. Explore how seniors and their families address the relevant issues.

  • CAREGIVERS AND CAREGIVING. � Learn about these pervasive roles and functions which affect so many Canadian families, economically and psycho-emotionally.

  • GRIEF AND LOSS. � Discover how grief and loss, at various stages of the life-cycle, impact individuals and families in terms of their health, social and financial behaviors.

  • ETHICS. � Examine �ethics� as a pervasive, core element of qualitative practice in all professional disciplines, and its special importance to CSA�s.

  • RESOURCES FOR SENIORS. – Build a powerful data-base of all types of resources, which will be of great value to you, to seniors and to their families..

  • MARKETING TO SENIORS. – Develop special marketing strategies for Canada�s aging population, based on the unique characteristics of this ever-growing group.

  • MARKETING YOUR CSA. � Learn how to use your newly-acquired and valuable CSA designation and training to optimize your professional activities, increase job satisfaction and enhance client service.

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