TIRF: Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Working Group on DWI System Improvements are now available

August 11, 2005 – Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Working Group on DWI System Improvements, held in Orlando, FL on April 10-12, are now available from TIRF. Speaker presentations focused on the six priority areas identified by the Working Group: technology, records, training and education, communication and cooperation, legislation, and resources.

A synopsis of the meeting describes recent activities undertaken by member organizations, briefly highlights each of the presentations, and provides some concluding thoughts on what action is still needed. This information can be useful to those states wanting to make improvements in their DWI system or planning to undertake a statewide review of it.

The Working Group on DWI System Improvements was developed by TIRF in partnership with the American Judges Association, the American Probation and Parole Association, the National Traffic Law Center of the American Prosecutors Research Institute, and with support from the Highway Safety Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Fourteen criminal justice organizations are represented on the Working Group, which is part of a major TIRF initiative to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal DWI system for dealing with hard core repeat offenders. This initiative is supported by a charitable contribution from Anheuser-Busch.

To access the presentations and meeting synopsis, click on the following url addresses:


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