Insurance Systems Inc. Releases White Paper on Loss Control Inspection Technology

July 2005, Toronto – While many insurance companies talk of risk assessment and underwriting, few have taken advantage of technology solutions to integrate loss inspection reports into their workflow.

The focus of this White Paper is to analyze the need for automation in the loss control inspection process. For most insurance carriers this process is costly and archaic – so much so that many insurers simply cannot justify the cost of inspecting all (if any) insured risks. Recent technologies, however, have allowed some major insurers to streamline the inspection process, enabling them to tip the cost/benefit scale in their favor.

Insurance Systems Inc. (ISI) has been providing software solutions to property and casualty insurance carriers around the globe since 1996. Among these solutions is WebWriter™ Inspection, the industry-leading loss control inspection application. This application is currently in use by leading insurance companies for inspecting commercial, habitational, marine and specialty lines risks.

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