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LOS ANGELES and DALLAS – July 20, 2005 Marshall and Swift / Boeckh (MS/B), the leading worldwide provider of building cost data and estimating technology to the property insurance industry, and Cunningham Lindsey US, Inc., a leader in international independent claims adjusting and loss management services, announce that MS/B will provide Claims Analytics services for Cunningham Lindsey.

“We are taking a departure from our competition. We are investing in the means to provide detailed, objective performance metrics to the market instead of purely subjective information. In doing so, we are instilling a culture of quality and performance,” says Karl Nann, Vice President and Director, Property and Catastrophe at Cunningham Lindsey.

By implementing Analytics, Cunningham Lindsey is sending a clear message that they want to understand the impact that their service and estimates have on their client companies’ book of business. This decision will allow them to demonstrate empirically the value that they bring to the table by proactively providing their granular performance metrics to their customers. “The Claims Analytics process will help Cunningham Lindsey to quickly assess trends in adjuster behavior, identify out-of-pattern business practices, and implement best practices in addition to those that already make it one of the most successful players in the industry,” says Jonathan Kost, Vice President of Claims at MS/B.

Kost explains that MS/B Claims Analytics is a unique combination of expert people, systems, and strategy that interact within a company to bring significant, positive changes to their way of doing business. MS/B Analytics has gathered detailed property loss data and performed studies using enormous quantities of claims data.

“As a part of this engagement, Cunningham Lindsey will be supplied with information regarding how their estimates and service results compare to the independent adjuster market, as well as to the claims market as a whole. This multi-faceted self analysis will allow Cunningham Lindsey to create a workforce of best-in-breed adjusters and to demonstrate the maximum amount of value in their service to their customers.” says Kost. “We can compare carriers to independent adjusting companies, a company to MS/B’s researched cost data, a carrier to other carriers, or even a carrier or company to itself.”

By using Claims Analytics a company can better assess how claims are handled and develop strategies to improve performance, reduce claims severity, and maintain fair settlement practices. Cunningham Lindsey has decided to provide this service to all of their customers with the intent of creating parity between the performance created by a carrier’s own adjusting force and a Cunningham Lindsey adjuster. Further, Cunningham Lindsey will be engraining this dedication to quality.

In addition to implementing Claims Analytics services, Cunningham Lindsey is increasing the number of field adjusters using MS/B’s IntegriClaimTM property estimating tool and extending access to IntegriClaim AdministratorTM claims management technology to include all of its managers and supervisors.

About Cunningham Lindsey US, Inc.

Cunningham Lindsey U.S. Inc. is an independent insurance claims services company, providing a wide range of claims adjusting services including commercial property and liability, personal lines, catastrophe response, and environmental assessment and remediation. Its national network of 120 offices also provides worldwide services through offices of sister companies within the Lindsey Morden Group strategically located throughout Canada, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, the Far East, Latin America and the Middle East. CLUS is a subsidiary of Lindsey Morden Group Inc., a publicly traded company on The Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol: LM.SV).

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