Phishing Increased in June

New data from Postini, a provider of e-mail security and management services, indicate that the number of phishing incidents in June increased 71% from the previous month.

July 06, 2005 – Postini said it blocked 16.7 million phishing attacks in June, the highest level since March. Phishing activities had declined in April and May.

Meanwhile, Postini reported that the number of virus-infected e-mails declined in June.

According to a February Harris Interactive/Websense poll of US IT decision makers, phishing was rated the fourth leading cause of security problems, well behind spyware and employee use of bandwidth-clogging applications or unsanctioned software.

A recent Gartner poll found that viruses and worms were deemed the biggest threats, followed by outside hacking and phishing. Spyware was rated fourth.

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