2005/2006 Canadian Life & Financial Services Directory: Stone & Cox

The 2005/2006 Canadian Life & Financial Services Directory from Stone & Cox is now in preparation.

This edition will be distributed in August to all segments of the life insurance industry across Canada. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your products and services. The Life Directory (both in print and online) has grown with each edition, and is referred to year-round by thousands of industry professionals.

The Life Directory has three major sections, plus services:

a) Important Insurance Addresses for: Life & Financial Associations; Health Associations; Exchanges; and Regulators.

b) Insurance Company Section including: Rank & Growth Tables; Summaries of Life Insurance Business; Canadian Business Figures for Life & Health Insurers. For each company operating in Canada: Corporate History; Nationality; Jurisdiction; Head Office – Canada and Foreign; Chief Agent; Officers; Associations Memberships; Lines of Business; Corporate Organization; Capitalization; Balance Sheet; Revenue Account; Summary of Policies; and Ratings. There is also a retired company tracer.

c) Special Markets Directory for unique and niche products.

Advertisers in the 2005 edition also get preferential placement online at www.cdnins.com and at www.insurance-canada.ca.

Please call me now at 1-866-553-5541 ext 104 to discuss your advertising in Canada’s only national life insurance directory.

John Wyndham, Publisher

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