Boomerang Tracking achieves new milestone as 4,000th vehicle recovered

MONTREAL, Quebec, May 25, 2005 � Boomerang Tracking Inc. is extremely proud to announce that it has reached another milestone in asset recovery, recovering more than 4,000 assets equipped with a Boomerang or Boomerang2 tracking device valued at more than $200 million.

This landmark recovery � a silver Subaru Impreza equipped with a Boomerang2 device – underscores the growing problem of auto theft, which rose by 6% last year alone*, and highlights the fact that Boomerang Tracking offers the most robust and highly effective solution to this serious crime.

�I chose to install a Boomerang in this car as I had the same vehicle stolen years ago and it was never recovered,� explains Jeffrey Leibgott, owner of the recovered vehicle, �I was most afraid of my insurance going up than anything.� Mr. Leibgott, will receive a complimentary Boomerang2 tracking device and have the installation and fees covered for life. He will also be invited to tour Boomerang facilities, including Boomerang Tracking Central, to relive the recovery experience from Boomerang�s perspective.

�Boomerang Tracking remains at the forefront of Canada�s vehicle tracking industry. Our combination of patented wireless tracking technology, a dedicated in-house tracking team and ongoing commitment to quality continue to make Boomerang Tracking the obvious choice to protect your vehicle, heavy equipment, marinecraft or cargo�, stated Craig Armstrong, Boomerang Tracking�s General Manager. �This milestone underlies Boomerang Tracking�s commitment to develop a tracking system that delivers real results.�

The 4,000th recovery: You can run, but you can�t hide!

Boomerang Tracking�s 4,000th recovered vehicle automatically reported the theft to Boomerang Central at 12:24 a.m. on March 16, 2005. Within minutes of confirming the theft with the owner, Boomerang trackers were dispatched to the area of Laval, Quebec where the vehicle was reporting. The tracking team visually identified the vehicle within only 40 minutes of the initial Boomerang2 automatic theft notification, and local law enforcement was notified, along with the vehicle�s relieved owner.

An impressive track record

To date, over 145,000 Boomerang and Boomerang2 tracking devices have been installed across Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. The devices have led not only to the recovery of assets equipped with the tracking devices, but also millions of dollars in �incidental� recoveries, many from uncovering chop shops and dismantling entire car theft crime rings.

About Boomerang Tracking Inc.

Boomerang Tracking Inc. markets and distributes the Boomerang tracking devices, proprietary products using technology patented by the Company. The Boomerang, Boomerang2� and GSM-based units are central devices in a system that uses the wireless networks of large telecommunications companies for tracking stolen assets. The Boomerang Tracking System is capable of locating stolen vehicles, heavy equipment and valuable assets. As a result of its success, the Company has received the endorsement of members of the insurance industry. The Boomerang devices are available and installed through a network of authorized dealers in Quebec and Ontario. The Company�s head office, research and development center and manufacturing facilities are located in Montreal, Quebec, with regional facilities located in Mississauga, Ontario. Boomerang is a registered trademark and Boomerang2 is a trademark of Boomerang Tracking Inc. Boomerang Tracking Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of LoJack Corporation (NASD: LOJN).