SGI simplifies safe-driver recognition

May, 2005 – Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is simplifying the Safe Driver Recognition program by implementing one penalty per driver for multiple incidents that result from the same auto collision. The change will become effective July 1, 2005.

Currently, a customer can pay more than one penalty for multiple incidents related to just one collision. For example, if they have an at-fault accident for which they also are convicted of a traffic violation, they are charged a penalty for the accident, and another following the conviction for the traffic offence that led to the collision.

“Safe Driver Recognition is a successful program that is meeting its goals – to reward safe drivers with a discount of up to 20 per cent on their vehicle insurance, while ensuring higher-risk drivers pay more,” Minister responsible for SGI Maynard Sonntag said. “However, we’re always monitoring our programs to ensure they are as effective as possible. This change will simplify the program.”

Starting in July, a customer will receive only one charge for incidents that result from the same collision. Customers in the Penalty Zone will be charged for the first incident and not for the remaining incidents. They will still drop points in the Penalty Zone for the second and subsequent incidents related to the collision, but will not pay the associated penalty.

Drivers who remain in the Safety Zone following an incident will lose points for the first incident, but will not lose any discount for the remaining incidents.

However, to reflect the serious nature of certain offences, those convicted of Criminal Code offences and/or drinking-and-driving-related traffic violations will still move to the maximum financial penalty, even if it is related to just one collision.

For more information on Safe Driver Recognition and the Safety Rating Scale, visit SGI’s Web site at