Accident Support Servicces Ltd. Growing Again! New Center in Cornwall Ontario!

Accident Support Services Ltd., originators of Collision Reporting Centers, is proud to announce the April 26, 2005 opening of a Collision Reporting Center in partnership with the Cornwall Community Police Service.

The Cornwall Collision Reporting Center will be located in the Cornwall Community Police Station at 340 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario. The hours of operation are from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Rather than Police attending the scene of each property damage collision, citizens would exchange information, and then have 48 hours to report the collision, regardless of the severity of damage,whether towed or drivable, at the Collision Reporting Center. Police will continue to attend collisions involving injury or death, alcohol, criminal activity, vehicles transporting dangerous goods, municipal vehicles, or damage to private property.

No longer will citizens and police risk injury from possible secondary collisions while the collision was being investigated at the side of the road. No longer will traffic be tied up with �rubber-neckers� slowing to get a better look at the crash, while the citizen waits for the police to arrive.

The Cornwall Center will be equipped with our state of the art technology, the Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System (CROMS) electronically capturing data to complete Self Reports. Drivers will enjoy the convenience of a one-on-one interview with our trained Counselors who enter the data electronically, then print the report for the citizen�s hand written statement, diagram and signature. Center staff will direct citizens to Police personnel as needed, photograph the damage to the vehicle, and apply the �Damage Reported to Police� sticker. Citizens who wish to report the incident to their Insurer are offered the opportunity to contact their broker or insurance company directly from the Police Station, providing them with a “one stop service” opportunity!

Accident Support Services helped create the model for Collision Reporting Centers, and has grown from a single location in North York 10 years ago, to 15 locations serving 12 jurisdictions throughout Ontario!

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