kasina Continues Intelligent Distribution Research for Asset Management Clients

NEW YORK, April 11, 2005 – kasina, a leading financial services industry consulting firm, continues to research and refine Intelligent Distribution strategies for asset management clients. Research projects underway or planned for 2005 focus on the areas the firm believes will have the most significant impact on success for asset management firms: Sales, Marketing, and Key Accounts.

“To benefit fully from Intelligent Distribution strategies, asset management firms must continue to evolve their sales and marketing efforts, re-examining how they approach everything from shelf space and compensation to organizational structure ,� stated Steven Miyao, chief executive officer at kasina. �Our research is designed to identify the most effective ways of accomplishing this.” Miyao notes that in 2005 the firm will be addressing a broad range of topics, including the future of wholesaling, evolutions in key accounts, marketing to baby boomers, and intermediary Web sites.

Among the studies kasina anticipates publishing as whitepapers during 2005 are:

  • The Future of Wholesaling (June 2005) – By creating a new group of wholesalers that are a hybrid of traditional internal and external wholesalers, asset management firms are able to focus their resources on the company�s most important relationships. This whitepaper will show how firms that implement a hybrid wholesaling model are able to grow assets and increase profitability while simultaneously improving retention. Included will be an in-depth look at the necessary steps for successfully capitalizing upon the opportunities of a hybrid wholesaling model.

  • Focusing Key Accounts to Drive Sales (July 2005) � When looking for distribution opportunities, asset management firms are redefining �pay to play.� Additionally, firms are recognizing that there is a need to focus on the right relationships, rather than chasing assets at dozens, or even hundreds, of different distribution partners.

As the dynamics of distribution change, this report will provide a guidebook for the central functions of Key Accounts:

  • Identifying distribution partners with the most potential

  • Working with those partners to get shelf space in a profitable manner

  • Governing interactions with those partners

  • Marketing as Baby Boomers Retire (August 2005) � Baby Boomers have consistently caught America by surprise. In the 1950s, there was a shortage of baby food. In the 60s, it was a shortage of primary schools. The 70s brought a shortage of space at colleges and universities. As the seventy-six million members of the Baby Boom generation begin to retire, the asset management industry is likely the next arena that is unprepared for this group. As Baby Boomers prepare to redefine retirement, this whitepaper provides a roadmap for asset management firms looking to capitalize on the massive opportunity. This report will outline how asset mangers need to change their message from accumulation to income management and provide detailed steps to guide firms down this path.

Additional scheduled whitepapers include:

  • Increasing Variable Annuity Sales through Online Initiatives (April 2005)

  • Training Wholesalers for Intelligent Distribution (May 2005)

  • Six Segments for the Web (August 2005)

  • Communicating a Marketing Message to Advisors (September 2005)

  • Effective Sales Intranets (October 2005)

  • Profitability Supporting Small DB & DC Sponsors (November 2005)

  • Best Practices for Intermediary Web Sites (December 2005)

About kasina

kasina is a management consulting firm that is focused on helping financial services companies create intelligent relationships with their investors and intermediaries. By combining knowledge of distribution trends, technological innovations, and marketing strategies, kasina aids leading asset management firms with front-office efforts and publishes a regular schedule of cutting-edge industry research. kasina�s client list includes 18 of the 20 largest asset managers in the United States and leading firms in Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. An overview of services offered by kasina is available at www.kasina.com.