Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics: Transport Canada and CCMTA

Transport Canada offers a variety of statistics, collected in cooperation with the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, about collisions and related items in Canada over time. The statistics are summarized and distributed as a pamphlet.

The pamphlet contains the following tables:

  • Collisions and Casualties � 1984-2003

  • Fatalities and Injuries by Age Group

  • Fatalities by Road User Class � 1999-2003

  • Fatalities � 1984-2003

  • Casualty Rates

  • Percentage of Fatally Injured Drivers Tested and Found to Have Been Drinking

  • Percentage of Driver and Passenger Fatalities and Serious Injuries Where Victims Were Not Using Seat Belts � 2000-2003

  • Percentage of Fatalities and Serious Injuries by Road User Class

  • Percentage of Driver and Passenger Fatalities and Serious Injuries by Age Group

  • Number of Licensed Drivers by Gender and by Age

  • Licensed Drivers and Motor Vehicle Registrations by Type of Vehicle � 1984-2003

To see the document, download the 7 (small) page pdf from the CCMTA website at


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