What’s At Risk? Protecting Your Computer Assets And Information

Toronto, ON (April, 2005) – Insurers Financial Group offers the following advisory:


Their size, portability and value make laptops an easy target for theft. Laptops serve as beneficial tools in personal use, school, business and entertainment. Aside from their tangible market value, the stored confidential information is reason enough to allure both amateur thieves and sophisticated fraud rings.


Theft of corporate computers has seen evolving litigation trends from the owners of personal information contained on computer hard drives. Organizations may find themselves defending legal actions filed by individuals whose identity or personal information is at risk. Organizations may have breached their fiduciary duties for failing to secure personal information and/or failing to provide timely notice of its disappearance. Allegations have included negligence, violation of privacy, breach of confidentiality and contract. The legal landscape has not been friendly. The new privacy legislation and class action suits will not only serve to increase a corporation’s duty of care but also the extent it can be held legally accountable in the safekeeping of personal information.


Having guidelines available for your employees outlining precautionary measures to reduce the risk of computer theft is a proactive step to protect your assets and reduce your liabilities. The following steps may be taken to limit your exposure:

  • Activate built-in locking device when not in use

  • Strangers and outside trades should not be left unattended in your office

  • Record serial numbers and report them to your Insurer as required by your policy to assist in the recovery and speed up the claim settlements

  • When traveling, never check laptops as luggage

  • Always keep your vehicle locked and laptop out of sight

  • For additional security, use encryption programs or password protection

  • Disaster Recovery – Have a plan to provide timely notice to affected people

  • Proper destruction and disposal of old lap tops and desk tops.


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