Are you @Risk? Understanding your information technology exposures

You are not an on-line company: You have no Internet sales. So you still have (IT) exposures?

March, 2005 – Every business function utilizes technology for its own agenda. The reliance on technology varies from business to business and from department to department. Technology is playing a more integral part in your operations and it could expose your company to liabilities.

Ask yourself “How reliant are you on technology for these business functions?”

  • Finance & Administration

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Manufacturing & Sales

  • Communication: Internal & External

  • Outsourced Back Room Functions; Payroll, IT, Logistics

Secondly, “What types of information are stored or transmitted electronically and how sensitive is it?”

Eg: financial, legal, client, employee, proprietary information (copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents). We realize just how dependant we are when daily technology hiccups create inconvenience, frustration and lost productivity. It is an indicator of how vulnerable we really are to large scale destruction of data or lawsuits.

Businesses typically recognize loss of tangible corporate assets as significant. They are also sensitive to activities causing Bodily Injury and Property Damage to others. Loss of Information and economic liabilities arising out of technology require the same scrutiny as their consequences can be staggering but not readily evident.

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