Canadian Businesses Plan To Spend Less On IT, More On IT Outsourcing: Ipsos-Reid

March 8, 2005, New York, NY – A major report based on a series of interviews with 305 senior IT managers and 298 business executives from the Canadian headquarters of companies across the country conducted by Ipsos-Reid, Canada’s market intelligence leader, reveals that pressure to cut costs means that Canadian businesses plan to spend 4.4% less on IT in 2005, although companies will allocate additional funds to outsourcing.

The total amount spent on outsourcing is expected to increase by 5% overall, from 44% in 2003 to 49% in 2005, and by 6% over the same period in the application services sector. The trend towards outsourcing will have a significant impact on what strategies work best to maximize buyer investments in IT over the next 12 months.

�The coming year appears to be crucial for providers to solidify existing customer relationships and address any potential weaknesses that may expose competitive vulnerabilities,� says Lise Dellazizzo, Vice President of Ipsos-Reid�s Information Technology Practice. �Vendors may need aggressive strategies to capitalize on a buyer environment that is shifting towards outsourcing.�

In her white paper �2005 IT Vendor Roadmap to Buyer Dynamics,� Dellazizzo examines the results of research into four IT markets: applications, services, hardware and infrastructure and security. �The survey provides invaluable insight from business and IT leaders across the nation into IT investment and spending, outsourcing, and technology integration issues.�

The research revealed that a high percentage of companies are experiencing significant technology challenges: 31% of companies revealed that they were unable to integrate new applications with existing technology; the cost of integrating technology with systems and networks was a chief challenge for 35% of companies; and the most prominent challenge overall when integrating new and existing technology was the lack of process and systems integration expertise, according to 43% of companies.

Top-line findings from the survey also showed that three out of four companies invest in IT without having performed a return on investment (ROI) or total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis prior to investing. �Assessments are a valuable tool that provide clarity into what a company is spending and where dollars are being spent, thus helping decision leaders formulate sound technology investment strategies based on firm analysis,� says Dellazizzo. �Most companies who take the time to analyze ROI or TCO implement valuable changes as a result.�


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