New Version of Vista™ – Affordable Industry Reference Models Announced by Newlink

March 7, 2005 – NewLink Group is proposing a cost sensitive offering to provide the Vista™ best practices industry models to Insurance and Wealth Management organizations.

Vista™ is a reference model that describes the Insurance and Wealth Management�s:

  • functions

  • data structures

  • business triggers

  • activities

  • business interfaces

to provide a comprehensive quick-start on any systems projects or business engineering initiatives. Vista™ is a practical model for use in business process and information technology planning, design, development, implementation, and on-going management.

The Vista™ models have been successfully applied to Life, Health, Wealth, and Property & Casualty. For more than a decade, the clients that have worked with NewLink Group using Vista™ have realized that assignments are performed in a faster and more structured way with high quality results. NewLink has used the Vista™ models with more than 15 organizations, to select or develop technology solutions, as well as to re-engineer business processes.

Vista™�s knowledge base is a result of 5 years of direct modeling effort by experts, each with over 30 years in the industry, and represents the Insurance and Wealth Management best practice approaches found in 8 different countries. We have an answer for those Insurance and Wealth Management organizations that want to accomplish projects benefiting from a start-up set of models to deliver faster.

The Vista™ models are structured in the following manner:

  • Vista™ Lite

    • A management level model to control the scope of re-engineering and systems projects and to understand the critical interfaces among 70 major functions of the business.

  • Vista™ Enterprise Architecture

    • The reference model for the Chief Architect, defining nearly 500 business components with the information requirements.

  • Vista™ Data Warehouse

    • Conceptual data models for all of the core processes of the business.

  • Vista™ Business Re-engineering and Systems Requirements Domains

    • Detailed description and models of key business functions, identifying the main actions to be performed for each function, and the typical data elements required for the functions.

Available domains include:

  • Customer Management

  • Product Management

  • Distribution Management

  • Sales Management

  • Sold Product Services

  • Claims/Benefit Management

  • Reinsurance

  • Service Channel Management

  • Business Management

Here is a list of project types that can be accomplished using these models:

  • Enterprise/Application architecture

  • Data warehouse

  • Business re-engineering

  • Business requirements

  • Software selection

  • Systems development

  • Solution implementation

If you would like to know more on how you can acquire the Vista™ models using this very affordable offering, please contact:

Pierre Gagne: by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone at 416-410-1271.

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NewLink Group is a management consulting company focused exclusively on the Insurance and Wealth Management industries. It provides business and technology management services in the areas of distribution, strategies, business and IT architecture, business engineering, systems requirements, technology solutions, implementation management and project management.