Profession Barometer: Comparing the Public Perception of Trustworthiness by Profession: Leger Marketing

The five professions that inspire the most confidence among Canadians remain the same as in 2004, not only are they in the same order, but they also all obtain the same rating. Fire fighters (97%), nurses (94%), farmers (91%), doctors (89%) and teachers (88%) continue to head the list.

Group B, which is composed of professions that obtained between 50% and 85% of public favour, is relatively stable when compared to last year. However, an increase has been observed for police officers with levels of trust rising from 79% in 2004 to 83%, which represents a gain of 4 percentage points.

Despite an insignificant increase of 2%, politicians rank last among the professions submitted to Canadians for evaluation. As in 2004, car salespeople outperform politicians only slightly, with a level of trust of 18%.

Insurance brokers, although considerably better than politicians, come in at 44%. The report is available as a pdf on the Leger Marketing website. View the report.

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