Microsoft® .NET Framework and Visual Studio® .NET Help CGI Increase Functionality, Expand Future Capabilities and Increased Overall Operational Efficiency

March 2005 — CGI’s AutoPlus service provides comprehensive claims and policy information to insurance companies and brokers to assist in underwriting automobile insurance risk. Created in 1988, the user base has grown to include virtually every nongovernmental auto insurer in the country, as well as their brokers and agents. Over 10,000 users conduct more than 2.5 million transactions annually.

CGI’s customers wanted to change the way that they received the information. Traditional “host to host” clients were demanding different access methods, and in many cases were asking for closer integration of the AutoPlus service with their own systems. As usage levels grew, the capacity of the old system was strained, and the development and deployment of new products and services was being hindered.

CGI wanted to improve the service while eliminating any potential impact on the customer, so the company decided to revamp the AutoPlus service to increase functionality and expand delivery options. CGI chose to redesign AutoPlus using Microsoft .NET Connection Software and Visual Studio .NET development system which provided the company with a lower total cost of ownership, increased functionality and operational cost savings. In addition, CGI constructed an environement which allows development of new products and services to meet the changing needs of our insurance industry clients, who are now more accepting of new methods.

Full description and case study, 4 pages, pdf.

About CGI

CGI is a leading provider of insurance industry solutions and services that streamline claims processing, policy administration and new products introduction as well as customer and agent relationship management. Our full IT and business process outsourcing services manage your technology, applications and business processes with best practices that enhance your competitive position and bottom-line results.

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