DALBAR Announces Customer Service Awards for 2004

Hartford Life, Putnam Investments, New York Life, Seligman Funds, Evergreen Investments, and Pacific Life have consistently proven to be world-class in service provided to customers.

(Boston, MA. February 10, 2005) DALBAR today congratulated investment, broker/dealer and life insurance firms who have delivered industry-leading service in 2004. Through rigorous testing of service delivery throughout the year, DALBAR identifies those mutual fund, broker/dealer, annuity, life insurance and retirement plan providers that are able to exceed the service level expected by customers.

Hartford Life stands out as the only firm to be recognized for excellence in service to financial professionals, mutual fund investors, insurance policyholders, retirement plan participants and 9 consecutive years of top honors for service to annuity contract holders.

Putnam Investments earned customer service awards in four categories, including 13 years of service excellence to mutual fund investors and 8 years of service excellence to annuity contract holders as well as pre-sale and post sale support to financial professionals.

New York Life achieved top honors for excellence in service to annuity contract holders. Mainstay Investments achieved top honors in service to mutual fund investors as well as pre-sale and post-sale support to financial professionals.

Seligman Funds has achieved 8 years and Evergreen Investments has achieved 7 years of top honors for the service they deliver to mutual fund investors, while Pacific Life has achieved 7 years of service excellence to annuity contract holders.

�Whether it be regulatory scrutiny, a bull market or a bear market, and/or industry scandals, these firms have proven their unwavering service commitment to customers,� said Kathleen Whalen, Executive Director of DALBAR�s Process Evaluation Division.

The service awards are based on systematic testing of customer service over the year. DALBAR uses thousands of tests to measure how financial companies respond to the needs for service from their customers. Companies that exceed a variety of industry benchmarks after one year of testing earn the DALBAR Service Award.

The following firms were recipients of DALBAR�s 2004 Service Award. The numbers in parentheses represent the number of times the organization has earned the Service Award.

DALBAR 2004 Service Award Winners
Mutual Funds Annuities Life Insurance
Evergreen Investments (7)Guardian Investor Services (2)The Hartford (2)Transamerica/IDEX (5)
JPMorgan � One Group (4)
Lord, Abbett & Co. (3)
Nations Funds (6)
Mainstay Investments (4)Primerica Shareholder Services(2)
Putnam Investments (13)
RS Investments (1)
Seligman Funds (8)
State Street Research (5)
American Express Financial Group (1)
Guardian Insurance & Annuity (4)
The Hartford (9)
MainStay Annuities (5)
New York Life (2)
Pacific Life (7)
Prudential Financial (5)
Putnam Investments (8)
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans (1)
Travelers Life & Annuity (1)
Hartford Life Insurance(4)

Retirement Plans Financial Intermediaries � Post-Sale Financial Intermediaries � Pre-Sale
The Hartford (2) 1st Global (2)
Goldman Sachs (5)
The Hartford (3)
JPMorgan Funds (6)
Lord, Abbett & Co. (2)
Manulife (2)
Mainstay Investments (5)
Pacific Life (2)
Putnam Investments (8)
Seligman Funds (5)
State Street Research (4)
Transamerica Capital (2)
Evergreen Investments (2)
Mainstay Investments (5)
JP Morgan – One Group (4)

  • Hartford Director(1)
  • Hartford Leaders(1)
  • Hartford Putnam (2)

Hartford Putnam (2)
Putnam Investments (8)

Concurrently, DALBAR named the financial service institutions that are Key Honors winners in 2004. Companies that meet industry benchmarks after one year of testing earn DALBAR Key Honors. These firms have distinguished themselves as being consistent in the high quality of customer service they provide.


Dalbar 2004 Key Honor Winners
Mutual Fund Investors Financial Intermediaries � Post Sale
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Evergreen Investments

The Mutual Fund, Annuity, Life Insurance and Retirement Plan categories represent service provided to consumers of these products. The Financial Intermediary categories represent service provided to professionals who advise investors.

DALBAR, Inc. is a leading financial services research firm with offices in Toronto and Boston, specializing in measuring the performance of institutions and financial professionals in areas such as client satisfaction, service quality, and communications effectiveness.