Accident Support Services Ltd. Receives Approval to Open a Collision Reporting Center in Partnership with the Cornwall Community Police Service

Thursday, February 10, 2005 – Accident Support Services Ltd., originators of Collision Reporting Centres, is proud to announce that on April 26, 2005 we will begin a 6-month pilot project with the Cornwall Community Police Service.

The Cornwall Collision Reporting Centre will be located in the Cornwall Community Police Station at 340 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario.

The hours of operation will be 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Rather than Police attending the scene of every property damage collision, citizens will exchange information at the scene, and then have 48 hours to report the collision for vehicles driven to the Centre, while towed vehicles come directly from the scene, to the Collision Reporting Centre.

Police will continue to attend collisions involving injuries or fatalities, criminal activities, or vehicles transporting dangerous goods or police vehicles.

Accident Support Services Int’l Ltd. helped create the model for Collision Reporting Centres, and has grown from a single location in North York 10 years ago, to 15 locations serving 12 Police jurisdictions throughout Ontario, and have proven to be the most efficient way to report a collision, collect the data and share it with the other stakeholders.

The Cornwall Centre will be equipped with our state of the art technology, the Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System (CROMS), which electronically captures the driver’s collision details.

Drivers will enjoy the convenience of a one-on-one interview with a trained Counselor, who enters the collision data electronically. The councilors then direct citizens to Police personnel as needed, photograph the damage to the vehicle, and apply a “Damage Reported to Police” sticker.

If an individual is going to be filing an insurance claim, they are offered the opportunity to contact their broker or insurance company directly from the Collision Reporting Centre, providing them with a “one stop service” opportunity!

Accident Support Services’ goal is to facilitate an active partnership between the police and insurers in post accident care by providing knowledgeable advice and assistance to accident victims with empathy, integrity and availability. By providing our member insurers with immediate access to their customer, with all relevant facts of the loss, we help increase your claim program use, improve customer service, reduce the likelihood of physical damage fraud and Accident Benefits fraud, while enabling our partners to derive cost efficiencies by streamlining the claims settlement process.

We welcome any suggestions you may have to enhance the service in our new location. Please call Bob Gutwein with your questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns.

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