Needed: Financial Planning Services for Increasingly Affluent African-Americans

Windsor, CT, January 31, 2005 � Increasing income and buying power signals a growing need for financial planning services among the nearly 35 million African-Americans who account for about 12 percent of the U.S. population, according to LIMRA International.

“Buying power of African-Americans is outpacing that of the general U.S. population,” said Nilufer Ahmed, Ph.D., author of the LIMRA report Marketing to African-Americans. “Ownership of life insurance also exceeds that of the general population, while ownership of investment products tends to be lower than their white counterparts. We found definite interest among African-Americans in working with financial planners as advisors.”

LIMRA surveyed a large group of African-Americans aged 25-64 representing household income of at least $25,000. Among the findings:

  • Life insurance ownership among the population is high, but many may not have enough insurance.

  • African-Americans are more likely than the general population to be concerned about the adequacy of their savings and of the financial well-being of aging parents and relatives.

  • Like other groups, African-Americans express a strong preference for face-to-face meetings with a representative for financial advice.

The survey found that only one in four African-Americans has a professional financial advisor, suggesting an opportunity for financial professionals to serve the market.

“African-Americans are far more likely to be receptive to the professionals they feel they can trust: someone who represents a well-known company, is recommended by friends or relatives, and who is involved in local community development,” Ahmed says. “This means that time and effort are essential for success.”

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