The General Insurance OmbudService web site reflects trend to access online consumer services

TORONTO, Jan. 17 – The General Insurance OmbudService reports that for the nine-month period from April 2004 through to December 2004 their web site accounted for 24,385 unique visitors. This increased significantly (+278%) from the 6,450 unique visitors recorded for the same period in 2003.

Lea Algar, chair of the General Insurance OmbudService said, “Consumers who want to access GIO to learn of our consumer help services or use our online complaint form are doing so via the Internet in greater numbers than we predicted.” Lea added, “Canadian consumers are wired and amongst the world’s most prolific Internet users. Recognizing this trend, GIO has provided consumers with the tools to access GIO’s services online in an expeditious and confidential manner.” GIO’s comprehensive web site details GIO’s background and governance, describes the process for consumer assistance and dispute resolution including an online complaint form. Helpful links, FAQ’s and contacts for each Canadian province round out the web site.

About the General Insurance OmbudService

GIO was incorporated on May 31st 2002 as a federal not-for-profit corporation. GIO offers bilingual services across Canada to consumers and its 135-member companies. GIO is an independent organization for consumer dispute resolution of home, car and business insurance. GIO assists customers and their insurance companies resolve differences in a fair, independent and impartial environment. GIO is part of a larger network, the Centre for Financial Services OmbudsNetwork (CSFON).

Further details of web site statistics are available.