Sapiens to Bring Business Rules Technology to Linux

Full cross platform portability and reduced cost of ownership

LAS VEGAS, NV. – NOVEMBER 8, 2004 – Sapiens International Corporation N.V., a leading global provider of business-rules based technology solutions announced today, at the 2004 Business Rules Forum, its planned support of Linux by its eMerge Business Integrity Server platform, as part of its new technology road-map, bringing the proven speed and scalability of Sapiens’ technology to Linux. The addition of Linux provides a powerful, collaborative platform targeted at the estimated 40 percent of large financial service providers that, according to analysts, will have Linux as part of their infrastructure by 2005.

Sapiens’ eMerge for Linux will provide enterprise customers with the scalability of the Business Integrity Server platform and the hardware flexibility of Linux-based solutions, extending the support of Sapiens eMerge-based solutions to computer platforms running the Linux operating system.

“We recognize the potential strategic benefits of Linux in enterprise computing and its growing role within the business environment” said Itzick Sharir, President and CEO of Sapiens International. “Our eMerge on Linux offering will provide the “Linux world” with our Rapid Application Development (RAD) capabilities coupled with its Business Rule Engine (BRE) robust main-frame technology, leveraging our more than 20 years of application development experience.”

“We are proud to provide our existing customers with the ability to retain their long-term investments while enabling cross platform migrations at reduced cost-of-ownership. In the future, our Insurance solutions will provide interoperability and portability, ranging from PC to main-frame.”

About eMerge Business Integrity Server

Sapiens’ eMerge Business Integrity Server provides the mission-critical role of business logic server in enterprises worldwide. eMerge’s rules-based development expedites solution delivery and enables application and systems integration to occur seamlessly.

Sapiens eMerge is based on a multi-level architecture and operates in multi-platform environments, encompassing many hardware vendors, operating system environments, and databases. Host-side platforms supported include IBM zSeries (z/OS and z/VM), iSeries (OS/400), Linux, and HP-UX. Sapiens eMerge supports databases such as DB2, IMS, VSAM, Oracle and Informix. Since Sapiens eMerge exemplifies open systems and cross-platform capabilities, solutions developed with it can be seamlessly migrated from platform to platform and from database to database.

About Sapiens International

Sapiens International Corporation (NASDAQ and TASE: SPNS), a member of Formula Group (NASDAQ: FORTY and TASE: FORT), is a leading global provider of proven IT solutions that modernize business processes and enable insurance organizations to adapt quickly to change. Sapiens’ innovative solutions are widely recognized for their ability to cost-effectively align IT with the business demands for speed, flexibility and efficiency. Sapiens operates through its subsidiaries in North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific and has partnerships with market leaders such as IBM and EDS. Sapiens’ clients include AXA, Liverpool Victoria, Norwich Union, OneBeacon, Principal Financial, Prudential, Abbey National, ING, and Occidental Fire & Casualty among others. For more information, please visit