Allstate continues partnership with MADD Canada for road safety

NOVEMBER 8, 2004 – The Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is again serving as Title Sponsor for Project Red Ribbon: Tie One On For Safety.

�In our role as an auto insurer, we unfortunately see the devastating impact of impaired driving on individuals and families,� said Allstate President Mike Donoghue.

�Allstate serves our customers and communities in many ways. By lending our support to MADD Canada, our goal is to raise awareness for sober driving � which is critical for safe communities,� Donoghue said.

Allstate supports Project Red Ribbon with a corporate donation and by distributing red ribbon materials nationally. Allstate�s agency offices, consisting of about 450 professional insurance advisors located in 250 communities across Canada, host the ribbons, posters and coin boxes annually. The company also sends red ribbon materials with the sober driving message to policyholders in November and December.

Allstate also supports a number of other sober driving programs and projects. In concert with MADD Canada, the Allstate brand is on a number of booklets on social host�s alcohol liability. These materials aim to help people understand their potential legal liability, safeguard their family, friends and associates and minimize alcohol-related problems that generate civil suits.

Allstate also supports MADD Canada�s target campaigns like boat and snowmobile safety. In addition, Allstate customer envelopes feature a sober driving message sent out year-round through over one million mailings.

In total, Allstate has lent its “good hands” to MADD Canada for almost 20 years, beginning with Allstate employees volunteering to manually cut the red ribbons into single antennae-sized portions. Just as Canadian drivers� awareness for sober driving has grown over the years, so has the MADD Canada-Allstate Canada relationship.

As Allstate President Mike Donoghue says, �At Allstate, we�re very committed to MADD Canada�s goal of safe and sober driving everywhere, all the time. But we also know � and this is something that we tell all of our customers and partners whenever we get the chance � sober driving isn�t just a partnership between MADD Canada and Allstate. It�s a partnership between every driver on the road.”